Your favourite Samuel Windsor products of 2018

Our Sandown tweed waistcoat was one of your favourite purchases in 2018 from Samuel Windsor

Our Sandown tweed waistcoat was one of your favourite purchases in 2018
Image source: Samuel Windsor

As 2018 came to a close, we were intrigued to find out which of our products you liked the best. Not only did the following shoes, clothes and accessories storm out of the warehouse, you also gave them excellent reviews.

Without further ado, here are our most popular products as chosen by you, our loyal customers. Check out what made the list – from must-have wardrobe essentials to value-for-money luxury items, and as a thank you for your repeat custom in 2018, we’ve added all these great items to our January sale.

Your favourite shoes of 2018

We’re incredibly proud of our leather footwear, and you obviously like it too – in fact five of our top selling items in 2018 were shoes or boots. Here’s what you liked the most when you voted with your wallet.


1. Classic Black Oxford Shoe

Sale price: £37.50

Not only your favourite footwear item, but the most popular product of 2018 overall. Our classic black Oxford shoes are made using traditional techniques and feature Goodyear welted soles. For our full range of Oxford shoes, click here.



Classic Penny loafers from Samuel Windsor in brown leather, black leather and suede
2. Classic Penny Loafer

Sale price: £37.50

Another winner, our classic Penny loafers were your second favourite product of 2018. These slip-on leather shoes have a padded footbed and Goodyear welted sole. Shown in brown leather, they’re also available in black and suede. See our full range of loafers here.



Samuel Windsor leather outdoor mule slippers have padded or fur lining and non-slip rubber sole
3. Outdoor Mule

Sale price – £29.95

These brown leather outdoor mules weren’t just one of your favourite footwear purchases of 2018, they were the third best-selling product on the entire website. It seems you just can’t get enough of these stylish non-slip slippers. See our full range of leather slippers here.



Samuel Windsor handmade brogue in Italian leather come in black, brown and suede
4. Classic Cheltenham Brogue

Sale price: £37.50

You can’t beat brogues and black leather was your colour of choice – although oxblood ran a close second. Snap up a couple more pairs of quality brogues in our January sale. We love the suede version with a pair of indigo jeans.



Samuel Windsor Chelsea boots - an iconic boot made from quality Italian leather and finished with a Goodyear welted sole
5. Prestige Chelsea Boot

Sale price – £47.50

These iconic Chelsea boots flew off the shelves all year long, thanks to their Goodyear Welted construction and Italian leather uppers. Available in a variety of colours, a quick tally reveals that your 2018 boot of choice was black leather. Click here to see the other options.

Eight favourite products not to miss

Footwear aside, here are our eight most popular products of 2018 – the clothes and accessories that you came back to buy time and time again. We’ve added them all to the sale, but be quick – we don’t expect them to hang round for long.

Samuel Windsor needle cord and jumbo cord trousers come in a variety or colours, sizes and lengths
1. Needle cord trousers

Sale price – £22.50

These soft needle cord trousers are available in a number of colours, but navy blue was definitely your favourite in 2018. Starting at just £12.99 in the sale, check out our full range of cords here.



Samuel Windsor long sleeved Tattersall shirt in Eden pattern check
2. Long sleeved Tattersall shirt

Sale price – £20.00

Eden’ was your favourite Tattersall check pattern in 2018, but take a look at Samuel Windsor’s full range of Tattersall shirts here to snap up a bargain.



Samuel Windsor moleskin jeans come in a variety or colours, sizes and lengths
3. Moleskin jeans

Sale price – £25.00

Soft moleskin trousers were one of the hottest products of the year. Your preferred colour was gunmetal, followed closely by olive green, featured here. Starting at just £16.99 in the sale, grab yourself some moleskins from the full range while stocks last.



Samuel Windsor long sleeve men's twill shirt in cornflower blue
4. Long sleeve twill shirt

Sale price – £20.00

Cornflower blue was your standout favourite from our range of 100% cotton twill shirts. But it’s not just how they look that keeps you coming back for more. It’s how they feel when you glide into them. For the full range of twill shirts, click here.



Samuel Windsor pleated and flat fronted chino trousers come in a variety or colours, sizes and lengths
5. Pleated chinos

Sale price – £22.50

Navy pleated chino trousers were a firm favourite in 2018, just beating stone-coloured chinos to a top spot. Starting at £12.99 in the sale, check out our full range of chinos here and stock up for the year ahead.



Samuel Windsor long sleeve weekend shirt in sea blue check
6. Long sleeve weekend shirt

Sale price – £9.99

Reduced to less than £10 in the sale, this effortless sea blue check shirt was one of your absolute favourite products of 2018. Take a quick look at our full range of weekend shirts to pick up a few bargains for the year ahead.



A genuine handmade Panama hat from Samuel Windsor
7. Handmade genuine Panama hat

Sale price – £39.00

A surprise entry, our handmade, snap-brimmed Panama hats positively flew off the shelves all year long in 2018. If you’re planning a holiday later this year, bag yourself one of these stylish accessories now.



A fantastic tweed waistcoat from Samuel Windsor
8. Tweed waistcoat

Sale price – £19.50

Gareth Southgate brought the waistcoat right back into fashion by wearing one during England’s inspired World Cup challenge in 2018 and sales of our ‘Sandown’ tweed waistcoat rocketed as a result. Take a look at our full range of tweed waistcoats here.



Which of our best-selling products from 2018 did you like the best? Leave us a comment below or drop us a line over on our Facebook page.

*All prices correct as of 4 January 2019. Prices subject to change.

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