What does your coat say about you? Take our quiz to find out

A winter coat from Samuel Windsor reveals a lot about your personality

Your choice of coat reveals a lot about your personality
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Are you a loyal parka or charismatic cashmere man? If you’re looking for a new winter coat, our quick quiz will help to determine which style best reflects your personality.

Have a bit of fun and find out which style you should be wearing this winter, and what it says about you…

How to choose a coat to suit your personality

A classic coat is impervious to fashion – it’s a timeless investment that looks good no matter who or where you are. But it’s not just what your coat says about you that’s important. Did you know that the type of coat you wear can have an impact on your mood and behaviour?

In a study published by researchers at Northwestern University, Illinois, participants who wore a doctor’s lab coat were found to perform tasks with more care and attention. So how does this help you choose a new winter jacket? Decide how you want to feel and dress accordingly…

Be adventurous in a bomber jacket

Blue bomber jacket from Samuel Windsor

The iconic bomber jacket is a classic choice
Image: Blue bomber jacket from Samuel Windsor

When it comes to casual wear, there are few coats more iconic than a quality bomber jacket. Light, stylish and showerproof, this windbreaker works perfectly with jeans or chinos.

Wearers of bomber jackets are creative, sociable and blessed with a great sense of humour. Open to new opportunities, these men like to take the bull by the horns and never say never!

Be self-possessed in a parka

Olive green parka from Samuel Windsor

A warm choice for cold winter weather
Image: Olive green parka from Samuel Windsor

Windproof and showerproof, our practical parkas are raised to a whole new level of luxury by the warm, softly padded fabric. With a removable faux-fur trim to the hood, it’s a cosy way to survive the coldest months in style.

Parka wearers are capable, hard-working men who value loyalty. They can be trusted to organise and run any project and demonstrate a dogged determination to see things through to the end.

Be logical in a tweed long coat

Thurston tweed long coat from Samuel Windsor

Warm, smart and effortlessly stylish
Image: Thurston tweed long coat from Samuel Windsor

Beautifully constructed from 100% wool, our luxuriously lined tweed long coats are robust, warm and effortlessly stylish. Originating in the Scottish Highlands, tweed fabric came to the limelight after being favoured by wealthy estate owners for country leisure pursuits.

Wearers of tweed long coats are strong, analytical and intelligent men who are great company and not scared of commitment.

Be practical in a wax jacket

Wax jacket in black from Samuel Windsor

The perfect windbreaker for casual winter wear
Image: Wax jacket in black from Samuel Windsor

100% showerproof and lined with plush brushed cotton, wax jackets keep you wonderfully warm, dry and comfortable during windy and inclement weather.

Wearers of wax jackets are practical, logical, hard-working men who can be depended upon for a safe pair of hands. They enjoy spending time with friends and family but without needing to be the centre of attention.

Be confident in a trench coat

Navy trench coat from Samuel Windsor

A smart corduroy collar makes this classic trench weighty enough for winter
Image: Navy trench coat from Samuel Windsor

Synonymous with classic style and elegance, the trench coat is an enduring favourite. Retaining a nod to its military heritage, this modern trench coat is a smart option that goes with everything from business suits to jeans.

Wearers of trench coats are inclined to go the extra mile and are not easily distracted from their goals. Quietly confident and considerate, they’re respected by both friends and colleagues.

Be charismatic in a cashmere-mix coat

Navy cashmere-mix coat from Samuel Windsor

A timeless coat that every man should own
Image: Navy cashmere-mix coat from Samuel Windsor

A classic gentleman’s wardrobe staple, cashmere-mix overcoats are a sophisticated top layer. The perfect blend of style and function, they’re the best coat to wear over suits, black tie ensembles or just for wintery weekend evenings out.

Wearers of cashmere-wool mix overcoats are intelligent, charming and charismatic men who are comfortable taking the lead and quick to get to the heart of any problem.

Be creative in a Harrington jacket

Grey wool Harrington jacket from Samuel Windsor

A classic choice for weekend wear
Image: Grey wool Harrington jacket from Samuel Windsor

Traditional and super warm, Harrington jackets have a sharp and very stylish edge. Available in cotton for warmer months and wool-mix for the winter, these iconic jackets have a stand-up collar, slant pockets, raglan sleeves and contrasting tartan lining.

Harrington jacket wearers are kind, sensitive and creative. On the flip side, they also tend to have a steely backbone and value good manners. Once committed, these men are friends for life.

We hope our coat quiz has given you plenty of food for thought. Which style is your favourite? Leave a comment below or drop in to visit us on Facebook or Twitter

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