Why smart men wear pyjamas

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Cut a dash in a dapper set of pyjamas.
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Men don’t wear pyjamas nearly often enough. In fact, according to a recent YouGov poll, just 41% of men say they always, or sometimes, wear PJs. But if you’re one of the 59% of men who don’t do nightwear, it’s about time you changed your tune.

Why do smart men wear pyjamas? Look to your favourite silver screen hero of yesteryear – these gents knew that ‘slipping into something a little more comfortable’ helped regulate their temperature for better quality sleep, and gave the neighbours something worth whispering about!

Not just for bed

The idea that pyjamas are solely for sleeping in misses the point. The Oxford English Dictionary defines pyjamas as: “loose drawers or trousers, usually of silk or cotton, tied round the waist, worn by both sexes in Turkey, Iran, India, etc.”

Although Europeans adapted pyjamas for use as nightwear, the good folk of Turkey, Iran and India wore these loose fitting garments, not just for bed, but for the day-to-day comfort they afforded in hot climes.

It’s simple. When you get home at the end of a long day at the office, why change from a suit into jeans, or clothing that is equally as restricting? As men’s style website The Idle Man succinctly states:

“Loungewear is a must have for every man. After a long day of work, nobody wants to shower and get back into a pair of jeans.”

New Stripes


Comfort meets elegance
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Part of the reason pyjamas get such a bad rep is because of the dowdy image of your archetypal feeble old guy in beige or light blue stripes, shuffling between his hospital bed and the commode. But there’s no need for striped pyjamas to be boring.

Instead, style yourself in some bold, navy striped pyjamas and give your neighbours’ curtains something to twitch about when you pop out to the bin. Not only does the super-comfy feel of poplin against your skin help ease away the cares of the day, but the vertical lines also smooth and elongate your figure.

And should you be unfortunate enough to need a hospital stay, why look more sickly than you have to? When you’re unwell, morale is everything, so make sure that when you’re looking “pale and interesting,” you do so with as much style as you can muster.

New workwear

working from home

Plaid pyjamas are a traditional favourite – ideal for working from home.
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Churchill was renowned for conducting the business of the day from his bedchamber. He didn’t get up until he’d read the papers and dictated letters from between the sheets. In this online age, more and more of us work from home either full time, or part of the week.

If you’re not heading into the office, why bother getting all dressed up? A set of quality pyjamas, full length dressing gown, and a pair of luxury slippers will keep you warm and comfortable while you sort your emails and work on your spreadsheets.

Plaid pyjamas are a traditional favourite, but lots of men are repurposing sports gear as loungewear. Your tracksuit bottoms and a contrasting sweat top are a great compromise – outdoorsy enough to pop out and grab a lunch break coffee at Costa, but relaxed enough to wear indoors. Just remember to leave the camera off when you make your Skype calls.

Try something new

Samuel Windsor nightshirt

A good night’s sleep is all about temperature control.
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Who needs to wear pyjamas in bed when the central heating keeps you toasty all night long? If you’re someone who likes to bask in the warmth 24/7, you might not be doing yourself any favours.

Thermoregulation is the process by which your body naturally raises and lowers its core temperature throughout the day and night. In order to get optimal sleep, your body cools by as much as 2° Farenheit. If you interfere with this process by cranking up the heating, you won’t sleep as well.

To get a good night’s rest, you’re much better leaving the radiators off while you put a set of PJs on. That way you’ll be warm enough in bed, but you won’t overheat. However, if you really don’t find pyjamas comfortable for sleeping in, consider wearing a nightshirt instead.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t wear your underwear while you sleep – you’ll cook your crown jewels. Think nobody could be so daft? According to YouGov, 10% of blokes are guilty of frying their tackle on a nightly basis…

How do you prefer to sleep?

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