What are country brogues?

what are country brogues

Ready to embrace the country way?

Brogues have become the shoe for stylish folk. But are there any other types of brogues you could be missing out on?

The answer could be yes. You could well be missing out on the wonderful world of country brogues.

Not sure what they are? Well read on…

What are country brogues?

Many moons ago, brogues were the go-to shoes of the countryside. The brogues’ punch hole detailing was designed in order to let water seep out in boggy landscapes, and this connection with the countryside has stuck ever since. Country brogues take this connection to new levels.

Country brogues tend to have a larger sole, offering a more rugged look. This sole may be rubber with a thick tread, making them practical as well as bold in design.

Mens brogues come in all shapes and sizes, but country brogues tend to be in a brown or tan colour, making them ideal for chaps after a heritage look.

How to wear country brogues

Brogues work particularly well with country-style fabrics, because of their shared origins. So, with this in mind, look for tweed jackets, moleskin trousers and checked tattersall shirts.

Of course, don’t go overboard. Although the heritage look is stylish, there is no need to overmix patterns or dress like you are about to go out hunting!

If the heritage style isn’t your thing, you could use these shoes as a contrast piece. Mixed with contrasting jeans or chinos, they will stand out and make a statement.


If the whole country attire, dressing-like-a-lord business isn’t your thing, but you still want to get your brogue on, don’t worry. Brogues are one of the most versatile shoes you can wear, and although they are a staple of smart-causal style, they are becoming more and more suited to formal occasions. Many traditionalists will say that brogues cannot be worn to formal events, but some rules are meant to be broken.

As menswear fuddy-duddies calm down their views, it seems that it is also becoming acceptable to wear brown brogues for formal events, especially as more and more men are breaking the black trousers/brown shoes rule.

It is still the case that suede brogues are a step too far and should be left for smart casual or casual events. If the occasion is black tie then stick with classic Oxford shoes in black of course.

Final word

If you live in the middle of the city, you may be hesitant to don a pair of the chunky-soled country brogues. But if you love brogues like we do, you’ll be happy to embrace as many types as possible. So give them a go and, don’t worry, tweed is optional.

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