How to wear loafers in the winter

The sensationalist reports of an apocalyptic winter may sometimes be over the top, but it’s certainly chilly outside. As a result, certain men’s shoes can seem off limits. But fear not, many can be worn all year!

The loafer is an example of a stylish shoe often often ignored in the darker part of the year. But with these simple tips you can soon swap your boring winter boots for a dapper pair of loafers.


Think black and brown shoes are boring? Think again. Brown and black are both super versatile, and their neutrality means you can pair them with all sorts of outfits. Going for black or brown is also a practical choice, as they’ll hide the winter dirt your shoes will inevitably collect.

If you are wearing loafers for a Christmas party, then bend the rules slightly and team brown loafers with black trousers. It’s a great casual look because the darker shade of the trousers makes the the brown more vibrant.


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A little on the big side
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Whilst loafers are designed as a slip on shoe, it doesn’t mean they should slip off – getting the right fit is important. This is particularly important in the winter, chilly feet don’t need the extra pain of a poorly fitting shoe!

To avoid this, make sure the shoe fits like a glove lengthwise. If the shoe is too tight on the toes, then the leather is unlikely to loosen and you will quickly become uncomfortable.

However, when it comes to width there is a bit of room to manoeuvre. The leather will stretch sideways, but only a tad. So make sure you pick your size carefully.


Xmas loafers

Nice and colourful
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Fashion aficionados will tell you that socks and loafers just don’t go. But this is hardly practical when its snowing. So can you wear socks with loafers?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. But it’s important to pick the right socks.

Because loafers are so low cut you can really show off your style. Go for a wintery pattern – maybe even Christmas socks – to make a fun filled statement that brightens up the winter.


tasselled loafer

A daring burgundy

With a lot of emphasis on layering in the winter months, outfits can often get chunky. So if you are wearing loafers, avoid big coats at all costs. A slimmer peacoat or a smart covert coat will keep you warm without the bulk, and your loafers won’t look out of place.

There are many styles of coat, and indeed many style of loafer too. Penny loafers, tasselled loafers and buckled loafers are all perfectly at home in the winter, as long as they are made from leather.

Suede loafers don’t deal with the harsher weather as well as leather, and are harder to clean. So put some shoe trees in your suede loafers and get them out in the summer – and go sockless when you do.

We may panic at the sight of snow. You may just want to wear boots in the winter. But if you do love your loafers then you now know how to wear them this winter. And if the apocalyptic weather does come, then just remember to wear wool socks.

Want to know more about loafers? View our illustrated guide to men’s loafers and learn all about loafer anatomy, loafer styles and loafers’ fascinating history.

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