How to wear deck shoes in winter

Mens deck shoes on a fence with moss

Winter doesn’t mean these shoes need consigning to the back of the wardrobe.
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Sipping cold drinks by the sea, the burning coals of a BBQ and the smell of sun cream are all part of summer. But it isn’t summer. It’s winter, and that means some items of footwear are off the agenda.

Sandals, outdoor slippers and sticky flip flops can all be put away. But can you wear deck shoes in winter? Yes.

It’s probably best to stash the low-cut, canvas deck shoes away until spring, and you should avoid exposing your socks at all costs. But we believe there’s a time and a place for the classic shoe, even in colder months. Here’s how to make deck shoes – also known as boat shoes – work in winter.

Why you should wear deck shoes in winter

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The right deck shoes are complemented by other winter accessories.
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Style doesn’t have a holiday during the winter months, and neither should you. It’s important to dress well, and deck shoes allow you to do this.

Whilst there’s no doubt boating shoes are a casual choice, there are plenty of laid back events over the Christmas period, so you’ll have ample opportunity to rock them out.

If you’re worried about the festive period being too cold for deck shoes, fear not, as winter workarounds are possible.

Top tips for wearing deck shoes in winter

red and brown deck shoes on autumnal background

The perfect winter deck shoe

Start off by finding a pair with a thick rubber treaded sole. These are designed specifically for winter, meaning you are less likely to slip and will be able to deal with the colder conditions easier.

With the cold comes a need for socks, which is a deck shoe no-no most of the year. So wear trousers with a full break, thus covering any socks. Alternatively, find “invisible socks” which only cover the bottom of your feet.

Socks or no socks, unless you live on the equator you most certainly won’t be wearing shorts, so it’s important to find the right mens trousers. Pick jeans for a really casual look, and chinos if you want to smarten things up.

Shoes to avoid in winter

mans deck shoes on a boat against the ocean

Low cut deck shoes are best saved for summer weather.
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Low cut deck shoes are clearly a bad idea during the winter months. For one the snow, rain and mud have less leather to fight against. But for the fashion conscious, low cut deck shoes will also reveal unsightly socks – a big faux pas.

The same applies for canvas deck shoes, which are a great, lightweight option in summer but won’t stand a chance against inclement winter weather.

Also, avoid brightly coloured deck shoes. Whilst it’s good to brighten up the colder months, vibrant colours are best left for summer.

Alternative winter shoes

brown rubber soled boots on white

There are some great boot alternatives to deck shoes.
Featured product: Prestige Cumbria boot

Loafers are the obvious alternative to deck shoes, but again you’ll need socks – so pick a stylish pair.

If you’re a fan of the chunky sole of deck shoes, but want something more substantial then go the whole winter hog and pick a nice big worker boot.

To pull off deck shoes in winter, you need to give them some thought. But with the right colour, trouser length and ability to hide one’s socks, you’ll be keeping the spirit of summer alive.

Do you think deck shoes can work in winter, or should you leave the boat shoes in the box until spring? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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