How to wear deck shoes in winter

Prestige Deck Shoes from Samuel Windsor

Winter doesn’t mean consigning your deck shoes to the back of the wardrobe
Featured product: Prestige Deck Shoes from Samuel Windsor

Sipping cold drinks outdoors, gathering around the BBQ and the smell of sun cream are all part of summer. But when winter arrives, that means some items of footwear are off the agenda.

Sandals and sticky flip flops can be put away. But can you wear deck shoes in winter? We think the answer is a definite yes.

It’s probably best to stop wearing low-cut, canvas deck shoes, but there’s no reason to stop wearing your leather, non-slip deck shoes in the colder months. Here’s how to make deck shoes – also known as boat shoes – work in winter.

Why you should wear deck shoes in winter

Brown leather mens deck shoes from Samuel Windsor

Leather deck shoes help you to keep your footing in wet weather
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Style doesn’t cease to be important just because you’re covering your outfit with a winter coat. It’s important to dress well, and your choice of footwear is a big part of this.

Whilst there’s no doubt deck shoes are a casual choice, they’re easily smart enough to wear with jeans, chinos and moleskin trousers so you’ll have ample opportunity to get them out.

If you’re worried about the festive period being too cold for deck shoes, fear not, as winter workarounds are possible.

Top tips for wearing deck shoes in winter

Deck Shoes from Samuel Windsor

There’s a wide range of colours and styles to choose from
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Here are some top tips for wearing deck shoes in winter:

  • Choose leather deck shoes with a thick, rubber sole. You’ll be less likely to slip and the sole will help insulate your feet against the cold ground.
  • Wear a smart pair of good quality socks.
  • Opt for slightly longer trousers to keep the wind from your ankles.

Shoes to avoid in winter

mans deck shoes on a boat against the ocean

Low cut deck shoes are best saved for the summer months
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Low cut deck shoes are clearly a bad idea during the winter months. For one, you’ll have less protection against the snow, rain and mud. But for the fashion conscious, low cut deck shoes are designed to be worn with an invisible sock, or no socks at all.

The same applies for canvas deck shoes, which are a great, lightweight option in summer but won’t stand a chance against inclement winter weather.

Also, avoid brightly coloured deck shoes. Whilst it’s good to brighten up the colder months, a cheerful jumper or scarf will give your outfit a distinguished lift that is more befitting a man of your wisdom.

Alternative winter shoes

brown rubber soled boots on white

Chunky soled boots offer a sturdy alternative
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Loafers are an obvious alternative to deck shoes, but again you’ll need socks – so choose a stylish pair.

If you prefer a chunky sole, why not try a Cumbria boot? With soft Italian leather uppers and cushioned inners, these boots are both comfortable and practical.

With a little thought, it’s easy to pull off deck shoes in winter. Simply choose the right style, trouser length and socks, and you’ll keep the spirit of summer alive throughout the darkest of months. Do you wear deck shoes in winter? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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