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Image source: Pete Souza – The White House / Wikimedia
Style Summit

No politician is universally loved. But adored or not, some are undoubtedly stylish.

Here we take a look at some of the world’s most dapper politicians. Power dressers with style, wearers of fine Italian shoes and lovers of tailored suits. Because unlike the Devil, a politician doesn’t just wear Prada.

Barack Obama

Image source: The Official White House Photostream / Public domain
Quiz: who is he calling?

Thanks to his confidence, poise and fun filled attitude, Barack Obama can attend a ‘ball game’ in jeans and a jacket and still turn heads. But when on official business, he emanates sophistication.

His Hart Schaffner Max suits, Johnston and Murphy shoes, and Ray Ban sunglasses are just part of what has built the ‘Obama look’. And though the promised “change” at the beginning of his tenure, has arguably not come to fruition, Obama is definitely more fashionable than his predecessor, George Bush.

Enrique Peña Nieto


Image source: PresidenciaMX 2012-2018 / Wikimedia
Not as popular as he used to be…

Mexican supremo, Enrique Peña Nieto is known for his natural good looks. But a handsome face is worthless without a strong sense of style. With his tailored suits and fine Italian shoes, Nieto certainly knows how to dress for success. And while Nieto’s noisy Northern neighbour might have scored more economic goals, as far as dress sense is concerned, it’s a level playing field.

Like his northern neighbour, Nieto isn’t afraid to get out of his suit, and into his casual gear. After Mexico was named the most obese nation in the Americas, he took part in a 10k run to promote healthy living. But it was his shorts rather than his message that captured the media’s attention. Perhaps he should stick to pinstripes.

David Cameron


Image source: Tom Evans / Open Government License – Wikimedia
Cameron commands respect for his well chosen suits

The Prime Minister may not have the natural sophistication of Obama, or Nieto’s good looks, but his suits are well chosen, and flattering. Vanity Fair were so impressed with his wardrobe, they named him world’s most chic politician.

Conservatives have been accused of being out of touch with the public. We couldn’t possibly comment, but the Tory supremo was spotted at the 2009 party conference sipping champagne in a Richard James suit from Saville Row. At an austerity beating £3,500, it was certainly stylish, but thrifty?

Vladimir Putin


Image source: / Wikimedia
Supreme power dressing

When Vladimir Putin isn’t in a tank, hunting topless or doing judo, he looks very smart in a tailored suit. Some would even say he looks intimidating, which is perhaps his very intention; power dressing at its most powerful.

The late Iranian fashion designer known simply as Bijan, is said to have made a suit for Putin. We can only assume it didn’t come cheap because while the fiesty Russian may ride in a limousine, the late tailor drove custom Bugattis, Ferraris and the odd Rolls Royce.

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