Summer shoes for men who hate sandals

Summer shoes for men who hate wearing sandals

Sandals aren’t the only shoes that work well with shorts.
Image source: Liv friis-larsen, shutterstock

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with feet per se, it’s simply that your particular pair look like the scaly claws of a long dead turkey. That’s what happens when you top the brow of the hill and begin your long descent into great age.

If an invite to a barbecue, or a looming beach holiday has you baulking at the idea of displaying your trotters, here’s your answer – lightweight summer shoes for men who hate sandals.

Deck shoe


You can’t go wrong with a Classic leather deck shoe 
Image source: Classic deck shoe in brown leather from Samuel Windsor

It’s not so much a case of the dog’s doodahs, as the canine’s feet – deck shoes, the favoured footwear of yachties everywhere, get their unique non-slip sole courtesy of a hound belonging to one Paul Sperry of Connecticut.

Back in 1935, Paul noticed his dog’s ability to run on the ice without ever slithering into trouble. By scoring the soles of his moccasins with the same wavy lines as those he noticed on his pooch’s paws, Paul invented the sole that’s proved a winner at sea and beside the pool.

Wear your deck shoes with tailored shorts, a linen-mix shirt and a stylish hat, and be the envy of every bloke at the BBQ.


Classic Penny Loafer in brown leather from Samuel Windsor

Penny loafers look great with chinos
Image source: Classic Penny Loafer in brown leather from Samuel Windsor

Norwegians are most famous for fish and vikings, but did you know they also inspired one of the world’s most popular and enduring shoes? It may have been yankee shoemaker G.H Bass & Co. that launched the loafer in 1936, but the shoe takes its design cues from the “weejuns” worn by Norse farmers.

Fast forward a couple of decades and throughout the 50s and 60s, penny loafers were the footwear of choice among college students across the U.S. – the name coming from the youngsters’ habit of slipping a penny in the slot of the shoe’s apron, in case they needed to make a phone call.

Smart casual loafers look great with invisible socks, chinos, summer shirts, and even a linen or seersucker blazer. Add a pair of wayfarer sunnies to complete the preppy look and outshine sandal-wearing alfresco lunch guests with effortless style.

Driving shoe


A leather driving shoe combines comfort and style
Image source: Classic leather driving shoe in brown leather from Samuel Windsor

Nobody said driving shoes were only for driving – in fact, quite the reverse. These shoes were just made for occasions that might otherwise call for sandals – think about what you’ll wear when you drive to the beach, or for a picnic in the dappled sunlight beneath the boughs of a leafy tree. Driving shoes are a good bet.

Originating in Italy, the driving shoe’s rubber sole is cut especially to avoid the other foot pedals and comes with a protective heel guard. Embrace impeccable Italian styling and pair with chino shorts, provided of course that you go for invisible socks. Driving shoes also look great with linen trousers and silk-cotton mix polo shirts.

Summer brogue


A lightweight brogue in sand coloured suede is perfect for smart casual events
Image source: Samuel Windsor

“Brogues instead of sandals?” You might say: “Isn’t that stretching a point?” Maybe, but when you consider that brogues were originally the preserve of kilt-wearing ghillies, or gamekeepers, north of the border, you’ll start to see the logic.

Lightweight summer brogues with invisible socks and slim fit chinos, are a great choice. If you’re thinking about wearing shorts, your best bet is to opt for the more casual look of a pair of suede brogues. According to the guys at Fashion Beans, brogues plus shorts particularly suits those with long legs:

“If you have long legs, opt for footwear styles that have a slightly higher profile. Desert and chukka boots, along with slightly chunkier trainers, brogues and Derbies, would be ideal.”

We’d love to know what you wear in place of sandals – just head over to our Facebook page and leave us a message.

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