Summer mens shoes staples

A change is afoot. The sky is coloured in this odd shade of blue, the sun is visible and your winter coat has been retired. Yep, spring is kind of here.

And a change of season demands a change in footwear. We all know that means boots and wellies are relegated to the shed, but what shoes should you rely on?

Here are the best mens shoes for summer and spring:



Blue for blue skies!

We wrote about how to wear loafers in the winter but now it is (going by the calendar at least) a chance for them to shine in the summer.

You might get away with them in winter, but when it’s sunny free your feet from the shackles of socks. Flash some ankle with a shorter trouser break for a modern style, or wear a whole break and a Rugby shirt for a more traditional look.

The rest is up to you. Loafers are surprisingly flexible and can be worn for a number of occasions. Whilst a sockless-chino-shorts is a winning summer look, you could even get away with pairing them with a suit.

Deck shoes


Image source: Clifford James
Five colour picks!

Deck shoes are a versatile shoe that you can even wear in the winter, but they’re best for summer. However, a summer or spring without deck shoes, is like a Brit who doesn’t talk about the weather: rare.

The socks and deck shoes combo is frowned upon by fashionistas, and we are inclined to agree to an extent. It’s important to wear whatever is comfortable, but you’ll find that just like loafers, it is best to show some ankle.

Deck shoes are a casual choice, so it is unlikely that you’ll be wearing them with a suit. But they are still perfect for a number of outfits, and with many colourful options available, you can certainly have some fun.



Which would you pick?

The very definition of a Gibson or a Derby shoe has become skewed over the years. But with both designs, you have a smart-casual summer shoe for many purposes.

Pick a lighter shade such as tan, as this not only means you can wear them with almost anything, but it also suits the season. Suede shoes are also great for the summer months, and you don’t have to worry about looking after them in the rain (or at least that is the plan).


sandals over socks 1

Image source: azrasta
That golden rule!

Love them or hate them, sandals are a staple of spring/summer style. They’re perfect for busting out when it’s too hot for the styles mentioned above.

There are only two rules with sandals. Don’t wear socks and don’t wear flip flops.

Go for a pair of sandals in brown as this is a natural colour that goes with almost any shade of shorts and trousers.

A final word

If the promise of summer turns out to be a lie I can only apologise. But perhaps by wearing the staples of spring and summer, the sun will come out, and all will be well!

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