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Autumn city style

Football’s back, the tan is fading and you’ve officially retired your flip flops for another year. Yep, it’s autumn, the awkward season; too cold for shorts, but still too warm to reach for your winter coat. You need to wrap up, but not so much you lose your cool. Just what do you wear to stay in style?

Here at Samuel Windsor, we’ve scoured the web for the best fashion tips to help you look your best this autumn. We’ve found some fantastic blogs, all of which offer great advice on how to cope with the changing weather.

Lightweight outerwear

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Stay cool by wrapping up

Avoid sweltering in a swaddle of material by opting for a light-weight coat or jacket. Go for a shower-proof version to keep the autumn wind and rain at bay.

A superb alternative to heavy outerwear, you won’t go far wrong with a trench coat. It’s simple and stylish, and thanks to its military origins, perfectly adapted for dealing with spots of rain, and chilly breezes. As Luc points out on his blog, D’Marge:

“The trench is an iconic – but surprisingly versatile – garment.”

Visit his blog for five different ways to wear yours.

David from The Grey Fox is a fan of combination jackets and the many style combos they offer:

“Comprising three separate garments, layered together they stylishly provide several options to cover many weather conditions.”

He claims he can create 12 separate looks from one combination jacket. Check out his blog – could you find even more?

Embrace knitwear

Samuel Windsor cardigan for men

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Versatile and functional

The king of autumn knitwear has to be the humble cardigan. If the breeze picks up, button up. Feeling warm? Undo and push those sleeves up.

If you don’t believe us, listen to image advisor and style coach, Alice Kim. She writes that ‘cardigans are badass’ because they combine, “the look-feel-warmth of a sweater along with a jacket-like functionality.”

Simon from Permanent Style is quick to point out the merits of a good cardi as well:

“They cover the waist of the trousers; they keep an errant tie under control; and they are one of the easiest ways for a man to add a little colour – much more subtle than socks or handkerchiefs.”

Still not convinced? The Effortless Gentleman offers five ways to style the simple v-neck:

“There are few pieces that strike the right, classic balance between functional, easy-to-layer, and stylish like the V-neck sweater.”

For big fans of knitwear, Will of Fashion Beans, makes the case for knitwear-on-knitwear:

“Try to pair colours that contrast so that there is a clear divide between the two pieces: camel and navy, burgundy and navy, grey and green, etc.”

Make sure you choose light-weight yarns, to avoid looking like the Michelin Man.

Autumnal accessories

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Essentials for unreliable weather

Carrying a brolly, hat, and scarf will make a change in the weather a fashion delight rather than an uncomfortable afternoon.

Check out the Art of Manliness for a guide to picking the right umbrella. The choices go way beyond the standard full-length or collapsible these days, but whatever you decide to use, make sure it’s strong enough to cope with those Autumn gusts.

Next up, let’s talk hats. If you’ve got an umbrella to deal with the rain, a beanie is the snuggest choice. Chris Gill at Fashion Beans recommends, “storing a neutral fitted beanie in your briefcase or desk drawer for when you leave the office and make your way home in the cold.”

Lastly, when the chill really sets in, you can’t beat the warmth of a scarf. say:

“The right scarf knotted the right way can add boatloads of charm and personality to your look”.

Their blog offers a host of scarf styling tips for those who want to up their scarf game. Opt for a bright colour or interesting texture to add flare to your outfit.

Boot up

chelsea boot

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The all-important footwear

There’s no joy in cold feet, so something substantial (yet wearable) is vital. Matt Allinson at Fashion Beans writes:

“If you don’t currently have a pair of Chelsea boots in your shoe collection, you’re not doing yourself any justice”.

We agree. They really are a timeless classic. Try experimenting with tan or even brown suede Chelsea boots for a more individual look.
For more tips on styling Chelsea boots, check out our ‘How to wear Chelsea Boots with style‘ blog post.

Cheer up with colour

happy man in autumnal green

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The brighter the better

The less sunshine we see, the drabber our wardrobes tend to become. But according to the scientists, adding a splash of colour does more than just cheer up a dreary Autumn day. Wearing brighter clothes actually makes you happier, improves your mood and attention span, and even boosts your sex drive!

Choose any colour this season, as long as it’s green, Cillian O’Connor writes at Fashion Beans:

“Green’s worth putting at the core of your cold-weather looks. Use it to pull together neutrals like black, beige and grey, or pair it with complementary colours like burgundy and navy.”

And there you have it – how to ease into autumn in style! Do try our tips. We’d love to know how you get on, so tell us how your transitional styling works out by posting on Facebook or Twitter.

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