Spend on style, earn more money?

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Suited, booted and loaded?

Can dressing better earn you more money?

That question was up for debate until entrepreneur Neil Patel decided to invest his time and wallet into proving the answer (for him at least) was a resounding: Yes!

Over the course of 12 months he claims to have made $692,000 after spending $162,000 on clothes. Of course most of us don’t have that kind of money to spend in the first place, but it’s about spending a healthy sum relative to your circumstances in order to be able to invest in the following principles.


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Ooze confidence in a snazzy suit.

Dressing well improves your confidence and that solid foundation of confidence enhances other areas of your life. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on Tom Ford and Burberry suits like Neil did, but do spend good money on a couple of quality mens suits. See it as an investment into your confidence and future success. Look good, feel good and positive changes are likely.

Perception of success

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Give off good vibes.

“People believe what they see. If people think you look successful, in their eyes you are successful,” says Neil after he improved his closing ratio in business meetings from 25% to almost 40% after he starting dressing better. Nothing else had changed other than his clothes. The theory is simple: if you dress with confidence and style, then people will perceive you as being successful and want to do business with you.

Stand out

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Dare to be different.

Many sales reps dress badly in bland suits that don’t quite fit and let’s face it, cheap suits are two a penny and send out a certain message. And that’s probably a big factor why their rates and deals don’t always achieve their potential. Stand out. Take real pride in your appearance and you’ll get noticed just like your margins.

Tailored or fitted

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Opt for tailored for the ultimate suit.

Even an expensive suit can look cheap if it is baggy and hangs on your body like a potato sack. If you cannot afford to invest in a specially tailored suit, then go for the fitted look which looks almost as smart. And if you already have a great suit that’s too big then take it to a tailor to be adjusted.


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Intrigue people with your snappy dressing.

Who’s that businessman with the great suits? Who’s that guy who always looks so smart? People will be curious about you if you dress well and they will want to know what you do for a living. Neil created many new leads simply with people wanting to do business with the man that dressed so well and exuded success.


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How does it work in practise?

The success of Neil’s experiment doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody who spends a relative fortune on a new wardrobe will become rich overnight, but the probability of success in the workplace is increased.

Dressing well improves your confidence and credibility and these are two key aspects that will give you an advantage sometimes before you’ve even opened your mouth to speak. Just remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to run the same experiment. The most important thing is that you dress well, but dress well within your means in clothes that look good and fit you. Good luck.

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