Should I wear a suit every day?

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Why dress down when you can look this good?
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It’s a fact – men’s suits look great. Even if you have a casual dress code at work, it seems a shame to reserve the hero of menswear for weddings and special occasions. But how often should you wear a suit? Well, wearing a suit every day is a good place to start.

Reasons to wear a suit every day

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘dress for the job you want’.
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  1. Getting dressed is easy.
    We’ve all been through the morning quandary where you’re choosing between four pairs of trousers, three shirts and myriad pairs of shoes. The clock is ticking and you’re running late, so you settle for any old selection. Well, there’s a better alternative. You put on a suit, and you know you look good.
  2. Suits are age neutral.
    Let’s face it, we’re all getting older, and one way to stay age appropriate is to wear a suit – no matter how old you are, a suit looks good whether you are 18 or 80. You might select a different fit, a different shade or a different fabric than your younger or older peers, but you’ll still look dapper.
  3. You’ll stand out and get a confidence boost.
    Zany trends and fashions come and go, but a sharply dressed man in a suit will always be stylish.
  4. You’ll get preferential treatment. 
    Wearing a suit has further benefits too. The chances of you getting bumped up from economy to first class are hugely improved if you’re wearing a suit as opposed to more casual garb. Why? Because you look first class.
  5. You’ll be respected.
    Especially in the workplace. Looking smart shows you care, and means your career is more likely to advance.

Reasons not to wear a suit every day

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Sometimes casual is more appropriate.
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  1. Co-ordination can be a headache.
    The suit every day tactic might get rid of the “what to wear” headache, but it creates a new one too. If you’re wearing a navy suit, what shoes should you wear? What if you only have black Oxford shoes? A mismatched outfit is one thing, but a mismatched suit looks like you have no idea what you’re doing.
  2. You’ll be the centre of attention… all the time. 
    If you wear a suit every day, chances are you’ll come across some situations where you simply don’t need to wear a suit. Remember, it might be inappropriate to wear a suit to the beach, and sometimes you’re better off leaving the three-piece at home.
  3. You’re abandoning all your other clothes.
    If you own a nice pair of moleskin trousers, you can’t really wear them if all you are wearing is a suit. There is a world of men’s clothes and men’s shoes out there, so why shun a large portion of it just for the sake of ease and one particular style?

The verdict

Suits look great, but if you wore one every day you might end up missing the comfort of your Sunday chinos and polo shirts. It’s good to have a distinction between off-duty clothes and your dapper workwear. As ever, be true to your personal style – if that means wearing a suit every day, we doff our hats to you. But don’t feel like you’re under pressure to be suited and booted just to walk the dog. Sometimes a casual look works best.

How often do you wear a suit? If you’re a suit every day kind of man, let us know in the comments.  

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