Shoes of Legend: A Quite Interesting History of Shoes

The roots of your boots, the source of your shoes – everything you wear on your feet has a provenance, a path that leads to antiquity.

But if you thought the history of your footwear was lost in the mists of time, think again. Here we uncover the legends behind your favourite styles.

The Beatles’ ultra trendy Chelsea boots were also a big hit with Queen Victoria; your snappy monk shoes trace a line all the way back to Friar Tuck; your super smart Oxfords were cutting-edge fashion for the students of yesteryear. Mens shoes – a footnote to history!

Samuel Windsor Shoes of Legend Infographic

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• Roman sandal. Zh, Roland. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• The Secession of the People to the Mons Sacer. Barloccini, B. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Monk shoe origins. Zh, Roland. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Medieval writing desk. Rodwell, G.F. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Queen Victoria shoe, Collection: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney. Photo: Sotha Bourn.  Source: Powerhouse Museum
• Queen Victoria 1887. Bassano, Alexander. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Norwegian farmer. Municipal Archives of Trondheim. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Desert boots. Ricos Lounge. Source: flickr
• Pre-surrender discussions aboard HMAS Vendetta. Australian War Memorial. Source: Wikipedia
• Ghillie. Mehlich, Jan. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Sword dance C1900. Stone, John Benjamin. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Men’s leather balmoral boot. Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of Northampton Museums and Art Gallery. Source: flickr
• University students. John Oxley Library. Source: Wikimedia Commons
• Moccasins. Wellcome Library, London. Source: Wellcome Images
• Native American man. Skeeze. Source: Pixabay
• Neanderthaler Fund. Schaaffhausen, Hermann. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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