Samuel Windsor’s cracking Christmas presents for men

Looking for a Christmas present for a male of the species? Men are notoriously hard to buy for, but if you choose stylish classics like pyjamas, slippers, cufflinks and ties, you can’t go wrong. 

Remember – men don’t like fuss, but they do like their basics to ooze quality. Keep that in mind and you’re sure to find just the right gift for the man in your life this Christmas. Need a little help? Here are 10 of the best, beautifully packaged, Samuel Windsor presents for men:

  1. Velvety, brushed cotton pyjamas
  2. The ultimate pair of leather slippers
  3. Exceptionally soft lambswool scarf
  4. Sleek bar cufflinks
  5. Dog-lover’s country tie
  6. The poshest ever ‘box set’
  7. Pure silk pocket square
  8. Luxury black leather wallet
  9. Stylish tweed gloves
  10. Dapper men’s leather belt

1. Elegant nightwear

Red and blue tartan pyjamas from Samuel Windsor

Soft, brushed cotton, tartan pyjamas provide all year round luxury
Image source: Red and blue tartan pyjamas from Samuel Windsor

Hugh always stuck with silk, but it’s not really all that breathable and anyway, who wants to come across as an aging Lothario? No. For a true gent who likes his luxuriously soft nightwear – you can’t go wrong with brushed cotton.

Perfect to wear as a set when the weather’s chilly – during the summer, he can mix and match the bottoms with a simple t-shirt. These navy and maroon tartan pyjamas are made for evenings by the fire, wrapped in his dressing gown, with perhaps a piece of shortbread and an Ovaltine to make him sleepy.

2. Cosy leather slippers

Brown leather outdoor mules from Samuel Windsor

Sumptuous slippers made from the finest nappa leather would be appreciated by any gentleman
Image source: Brown leather outdoor mules from Samuel Windsor

The Rolls Royce of slippers, these handcrafted leather mules are beautifully constructed to include a fully padded footbed and luxury leather lining. Rugged slip-resistant soles make them ideal for popping out to the log pile or lazing around the house.

It’s the details that make them such a thoughtful gift. Packaged in a high quality box, they’re in a different league to your average high street chain store offerings – a pair of slippers like this is the perfect gift for the discerning gent in your life.

3. Pure lambswool scarf

Pure lambswool scarf (navy stripe) from Samuel Windsor

Here’s an exceptionally soft scarf to set you apart
Image source: Pure lambswool scarf (navy stripe) from Samuel Windsor

The perfect accessory to keep him toasty on a Christmas walk across frost-crisped fields, this decadently soft lambswool scarf is sure to be a hit with men of all ages.

A men’s wardrobe standard, this classic navy number coordinates with more or less everything he owns – and if you buy him a red scarf too, he’ll be covered for all eventualities. It’s the perfect way to exude an air of sophistication on even the greyest of January days.

Bar cufflinks from Samuel Windsor

Quality cufflinks always make a welcome gift
Image source: Bar cufflinks from Samuel Windsor

Buying cufflinks for a bloke? Keep it simple – just because a fellow likes to be dapper doesn’t mean he wishes to parade about looking like a mad parrot.

Check out these sleek bar cufflinks; they’re subtle enough for work and sophisticated enough for play. Featuring a minimalist four ridge centre feature, these cufflinks really do make the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life, and as an added bonus, they come in a beautiful gift box – perfect for tucking inside a stocking.

5. Country tie

Samuel Windsor country tie with canine motif for dog lovers

Man’s best friend gives this country tie a canine twist
Image source: Norton of Morton

What do you buy for a dog-loving “man about town”? Easy – this classic tie looks just as good with a navy wool suit and polished Oxfords as it does with his favourite tweed jacket and flat cap. Offering more than a nod to the country life, choose from a whole range of traditional country motifs.

Delivered in a stylish presentation box, this navy blue wool and silk country tie features traditional construction to ensure it drapes beautifully. An enduring favourite of the British gent, this is a classic accessory for anyone who feels there’s life in the old dog yet.

6. Bowtie and cummerbund box set

This stylish boxed set of bow tie and cummerbund from Samuel Windsor is available in black, burgundy, midnight blue and red

This stylish boxed set is also available in burgundy, midnight blue and red
Image source: Jack Sultana

Which gentleman wouldn’t love to receive this beautifully boxed cummerbund and bowtie set? A stylish addition to any formal event, choose from classic black, sumptuous burgundy, midnight blue or flamboyant red.

Remember – for the man who dines regularly at the captain’s table, a choice of different coloured accessories helps to breathe new life into a single dinner suit over the course of a lengthy cruise!

7. Silk squares

Midnight blue silk square from Samuel Windsor

Silk squares are an elegant addition to a suit or blazer
Image source: Midnight blue silk square from Samuel Windsor

Give your man a blazer upgrade by gifting a pure silk square. Available in red, white and blue, these squares come beautifully packaged in ribbon-tied envelopes. A classy addition to any suit, wearing a silk square in the breast pocket is a great way to personalise men’s formal wear.

If your chap prefers a cotton square in his suit pocket to battle the seasonal sniffles, stuff his stocking with some deluxe, wonderfully soft 100% cotton handkerchiefs instead.

8. Leather wallet

Black leather wallet from Samuel Windsor

Luxury accessories that are used every day make excellent gifts
Image source: Black leather wallet from Samuel Windsor

Every modern British gent needs a sleek leather wallet. It’ll give him style points whether he’s paying for his mid-morning caffeine boost, or picking up the drinks tab after work.

A genuine waxed leather wallet ages gracefully, ensuring that – like him – it will only get better as time goes on. Sleek and minimalist, this beautifully lined wallet is supplied in a smart presentation box.

9. Leather & tweed gloves

Harris tweed leather gloves from Samuel Windsor

These handsome gloves are made from supple leather and genuine Harris tweed
Image source: Harris tweed leather gloves from Samuel Windsor

Tweed is an everlasting men’s wardrobe favourite. At this time of year, a pair of tweed gloves is the perfect accessory to keep him warm on a long walk, and when it’s time to get back to the grindstone, these are perfectly smart enough to keep his hands warm on cold morning commutes. Alternatively, choose a smart pair of plain leather gloves in brown or black.

10. Plaited men’s leather belt

Plaited leather belt from Samuel Windsor

A beautifully made leather belt lasts a lifetime
Image source: Plaited leather belt from Samuel Windsor

Looking for the best in belts? This casual brown leather belt will see your dapper gent through many an occasion, including lazy Sundays in jeans and smart casual evenings out.

How about something a little more unusual? Braces demand boldness, so embrace some colour here. Navy blue braces will brighten up even the most dreary February day. Or lean into seasonal colours with a set in polka-dot burgundy.

Still think men are hard to buy for? We doubt it, but if you do want more options from which to choose, make sure you check out our full range of menswear – from wool coats to brogues and everything in between – we offer quality British styling at affordable prices.

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