Samuel Windsor’s men’s style guides

Over the last year or so, we’ve racked our brains on ways to wear your favourite clothes. In the process we’ve created a surprising amount of “How to” guides, covering all styles of mens shoes, and accessories along the way.

So now we have made a brand new category, so all our guides are easy to find if you’re ever in a style bind.

For your pleasure, we’ve listed them all below.


How to wear burgundy shoes


Bold burgundy

How many shades of shoes do you currently own?

Is it time you thought of burgundy?

Brown and black can step aside, it’s burgundy’s turn to be worn. Offering a more vibrant shade than most shoes, we take a look at some of the rules involved in making this shade work.

How to wear deck shoes in the winter

Deck shoe beige

Shoes you CAN wear in winter

We know that deck shoes are great in the summer, but are they also a stylish winter choice?

Yes indeed, but you most certainly won’t be wearing shorts!

How to step in your blue suede shoes

Blue loafer close up

Are blue suede shoes too bold for you?

You’ve probably heard of the song, but have you ever considered blue shoes?

Well, if you haven’t, find out why you should! For those that already own a pair, find out how to style them to perfection.

How to wear brown shoes

Brown over black

Does brown beat black?

When wearing brown shoes there is often one golden rule.

Want to know what it is?

Get reading, find out what it is and learn how to wear this versatile shade in style.

How to wear loafers in the winter

Xmas loafers

Brown loafers with stylish socks

Whilst not a traditional winter choice, you can still wear your loaders in the winter.

If the weather is full on apocalyptic, then look elsewhere. But for those days when there’s just a slight chill to the air, loafers are a stylish option.

How to wear Oxford shoes

Obama Oxford

Who is that important chap?

Here at Samuel Windsor, we love Oxford shoes. So it was only a matter of time till we wrote a style guide.

Versatile and simple, there are a number of ways to wear Oxford shoes.

How to wear men’s suede shoes

Duke of Windsor

The Duke of Windsor, the man who brought us suede shoes?

In damp old Britain, many steer clear of suede shoes.

But they needn’t worry, as suede is tougher than you think, and very stylish too.

How to wear Chelsea boots with style

Chelsea boots on gravel

Black, suede or brown?

With a heritage style, a practical construction and numerous ways to wear them, Chelsea boots are a winner.

But unless you are Alexa Chung, there is one rule you should never break.

How to wear men’s brogues

Wingtip tan brogue Samuel Windsor

A broguing good shoes

What were the original intentions for the holes on these stylish staples?

Find out by reading our guide. You’ll also learn what to avoid and how to wear brogues in different situations.

Ways to wear Oxfords

Samuel Windsor Black Oxford shoes

A classic of menswear

A guest post from Sean from S.T.Y.L.E. He reckons it’s all about the trousers if you want to wear oxfords casually.

Read up on his top tips and find out what style mistakes to avoid.

How many pairs of mens shoes should you own?

Black Oxford shoe

The classic, solid Oxford shoe

A gentleman needs shoes, that’s a given. But how many is too many?

Will one pair do you, or is hoarding required on the scale of a infamous dictator?

Find out how many pairs is perfect.


It’s not all about men’s shoes

Stripey socks and brown shoes

Stripey socks are stylish

We have written multiple fashion guides on shoes, now it’s time for socks and other accessories.

Belts, socks, scarves and pocket squares all get covered in this guide on finishing touches.

Picking the right socks for mens shoes

High coloured socks

Go for the bright ones!

Your socks are just as much a part of your outfit as your tie, so it’s important to get them right. Different shoes require different socks, find out the details in this style guide.

Hint: avoid sandals.

With these mens style guides you’ll be walking and wearing an array of shoes and clothes in the best way possible. Keep your eye out for more in the future.

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