How to stop jumpers from bobbling

Burgundy Fisherman's jumper from Samuel Windsor

Keep jumpers in great condition by preventing unsightly bobbles
Image source: Fisherman’s jumpers from Samuel Windsor

You’ve found the perfect jumper – in a style and colour that suits you down to the ground. There’s only one thing that can scupper your plans for casual elegance and that’s the dreaded pilling or bobbling effect.

You know what we mean – those irritating little bobbles of fuzz which appear around the armpits of men’s jumpers – swiftly turning chic into shabby. Whether you want to remove existing bobbles or protect a new jumper from bobbling in the future, we’ve got you covered.
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The mature man’s guide to looking great in denim

Indigo mens jeans from Samuel Windsor

Mature men can still look great in jeans
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Can you still wear jeans when you’re the far side of 40? Or should you stick to chinos, cords and trousers? As long as you pay attention to the colour, style and fit of your jeans, it’s perfectly possible to wear denim with dignity, no matter what your age. Here’s how mature men should choose the perfect jeans.

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Men’s fashion blogs straight off the hanger

Man taking a selfie wearing a suit

Follow sartorial advice from these fashionable gents
Image: Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Maintaining an effortlessly classic look is harder than you might think. But with help from these excellent men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs, you can sit back with your morning coffee, read up, and keep your finger on the fashion pulse. 

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