Keep PJs for bedtime – 5 tips for working from home

Man working from home wearing a jacket and tie and pyjama bottoms

Wear professional clothes for a professional mindset
Image source: Lipik Stock Media, Shutterstock

Millions of us are now working from home, but while you might not miss your daily commute, the reality of working remotely is not without pitfalls. So how do you stay focused, productive and most importantly – sane – while you work from home? To help you navigate your new working environment we asked some of our favourite bloggers for their advice. Here’s how to work from home like a pro’.

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Best British wedding blogs for blokes

Man looking at set of rings before wedding

Bookmark these helpful websites and blogs to help you plan your wedding celebration
Image source: Karkhut

Looking for help with your wedding preparations? Whether you’re the happy groom, a nervous best man, or an emotional father of the bride, we have just the info you need to make the day go with a swing. Here’s our pick of the best British wedding blogs, with plenty of pertinent info for blokes…
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The beginners’ guide to golf etiquette

Three golfing friends walking together along a fairway

Everything you need to know to be a well groomed and considerate golfer
Image: LightField Studio

New to golf? If you’re keen to make a good impression out on the fairway but are still a little unsure of the ins and outs of golf etiquette, we have the answers you’re looking for. We asked some of our favourite golf bloggers for their tips on how to play a polite, considerate, and well-groomed round of golf – this is what they said…

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