Men’s Shirts: an indispensable guide

You know you want a new shirt, but the choices in cuffs, collars and styles can be overwhelming. This essential guide to mens formal shirts will guarantee you know your plackets from your pockets and get the perfect fit, every time.

Our infographic will make sure you choose the right shirt for every occasion, and look great to boot.

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5 classic coats

Model 2 wearing a Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

The covert coat is a classic
Image: Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

As winter arrives with an icy blast, we take a look at five classic coats for men. These trusty designs are built to take on the worst of weather and come out on top, and all while keeping you warm and comfortable underneath. If you’re looking for an overcoat that’s smart, expertly tailored, and tough, here are five traditional favourites that’ll see you through to spring in timeless style.
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