Trouser fixture: Moleskins vs cords

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Two of our most popular clothing items of all time, these crowd-pleasing title-contenders both pack a powerful punch. In the first corner we have Moleskins: soft and smooth trousers with an elegant finish. In the other corner we have Cords: warm and tactile trousers with a long and fascinating heritage. But which are your favourite?
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How to wear deck shoes in winter

Prestige Deck Shoes from Samuel Windsor

Winter doesn’t mean consigning your deck shoes to the back of the wardrobe
Featured product: Prestige Deck Shoes from Samuel Windsor

Sipping cold drinks outdoors, gathering around the BBQ and the smell of sun cream are all part of summer. But when winter arrives, that means some items of footwear are off the agenda.

Sandals and sticky flip flops can be put away. But can you wear deck shoes in winter? We think the answer is a definite yes.

It’s probably best to stop wearing low-cut, canvas deck shoes, but there’s no reason to stop wearing your leather, non-slip deck shoes in the colder months. Here’s how to make deck shoes – also known as boat shoes – work in winter.
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5 top tips when buying (and wearing) Chelsea boots

Suede Chelsea Boots from Samuel Windsor

Chelsea boots have been stylish since the ’60s
Image: Suede Chelsea Boots from Samuel Windsor

Chelsea boots make perfect partners for a wide range of formal and casual outfits, undoubtedly deserving a place at the heart of every well-dressed gent’s wardrobe. Instantly recognisable by their ankle-high fit and elasticated side panels, Chelsea boots were invented in the 1850s by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, as a hassle-free alternative to the tall, laced riding boots of the day.

Originally called paddock boots or jodhpur boots, their popularity surged in the swinging ‘60s when the Beatles started wearing them on the famous Chelsea scene. With their celebrity seal of approval, Chelsea boots soon became the footwear of choice for mods and rockers alike.

Here are five top tips to bear in mind when buying Chelsea boots.
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