Samuel Windsor’s #dresslikeyouricon campaign

side by side shot of Gary at Norton of Morton against Steve McQueen

Pay homage to your favourite stars
Image: Norton of Morton

Some men will always be style icons – men like James Dean, Steve McQueen and Sean Connery’s Bond. Channelling some of these fashion heroes is a great way to spruce up your own style.

We challenged four stylish gents to do just that – recreating their favourite looks using pieces from the Samuel Windsor collection. The results, we think you’ll agree, are truly iconic.

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What is corduroy?

Cord trousers from Samuel Windsor - Infinitely comfortable, cord is also hard wearing and smart

Infinitely comfortable, cord is also hard wearing and smart
Image source: Cord trousers from Samuel Windsor

How well do you know your corduroy? Warm, comfortable, and when you wear it right, undeniably stylish, this versatile fabric has ancient origins. Here we take a look at cord – what it is, how it’s made, and most importantly, how to rock the look.
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Best classic car events of 2019

Old style classic cars in black and white in a lineup

Plan your road trips around this year’s best classic car events
Image source: delpixel

Does the sight of a long, gleaming car bonnet leave you aquiver? Does a straight six make your heart beat faster? Do you like your twin chokes open, your supercharger surging and your pedal flat to the metal?

If so, you’ll be delighted to know we love classic cars too. And to help you get your fill of the scent of scalded tyres and hot motor oil, here’s our pick of this year’s top classic car events, plus how to look good as you chew the rubber with your fellow aficionados.

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