How to create the perfect family heirloom

person holding a pocket watch

Something that commemorates a rite of passage makes a great family heirloom
Image source: dourleak

The best heirlooms are things that commemorate significant events and rites of passage. A signet ring passed from father to child to mark a 21st birthday; a christening gown that’s been in the family for generations; your grandfather’s fob watch…

But it’s also about the stories that go with the objects, so make sure you talk about how you came by the possessions that matter to you most – when you’re gone, it’s your stories that will live on through the pieces you leave behind.
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7 Stylish writers

Type writer on a white background

The modern gent can learn a lot from these stylish writers.
Image source: Unsplash.

You can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear. Much as these classic gentlemen have each had a profound impact on the literary world, their choice of menswear inspires an effortless sartorial style that we can appreciate here at Samuel Windsor.

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