What car are you?

Is your personality best suited to a family saloon or a high performance sports car?
Image source: RossHelen

The vehicle you drive says a lot about the type of man you are. But if price were no object, what car should you own? Answer a few simple questions to reveal which car best represents your personality. What car are you?



Once you’ve revealed the car that best suits your personality, leave us a comment below to let us know. We’d love to hear what car you matched with compared to what you actually drive.

31 shoe facts to help you win a pub quiz


Turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about our footwear!
image source: Creative Lab

You never know when you’ll need a top-notch “shoe fact”. So just in case you’re asked – or if you’re setting the quiz questions for a brain teaser down at your local pub, here are 31 of our favourite facts about shoes.

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Why linen works in warm weather


Whether its a suit, blazer or short sleeved shirt – linen is the way to go when the temperature rises.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If the mere sight of summer sun is enough to send you in search of the air-con button, it’s time you discovered the virtues of linen. In fact, everyone who likes to look dapper when all about them swelter should make a point of adding linen to their summer wardrobe. Here’s why linen keeps you cool, and how to wear it with confidence.Continue reading