Men’s grooming blogs we recommend

There’s no point dressing to impress if your face tells a different story. Good grooming is important.

If you’re looking for grooming inspiration, look no further than the following collection of excellent blogs, which are jam-packed with advice and useful pointers.

Grooming Lounge Blog- On a mission to keep all men fresh and permanently handsome. They offer good advice on keeping yourself in tip-top condition as well as business co-founder Michael Gilman reflecting on what all men need to know.
HOMME GROOMING – With a panel of experts doling out slick tips on how to stay on top of your appearance, they also spend time giving voice to the views of the Average Joe. Whatever your level of experience, you’re bound to find some grooming tips to help you out.

The Art of Manliness – From going to the barber shop to how to go bald gracefully, The Art of Manliness caters for men who want to be the epitome of a suave gentleman. They also explains how to wear certain items of clothing so that you avoid embarrassment whilst out in public.

Fragrant Moments – This blog deals solely with analysing and discussing fragrances for men. Its aim is to help gentleman everywhere discover the finer points of colognes and scents. The blog also has interviews with those behind some of the fragrances featured.

Valet. – A healthy dose of how-tos and what to do when your skin or hair is working against you, this blog aims to help discerning gentlemen everywhere.

Perfect Shave Dispatch – Those looking for wet shave perfection would do well to pay attention to this blog. The author has taken it upon himself to show how shaving everyday can be a great opportunity to have some “me” time.

GlamMAN Grooming – Dolling out his own feelings on men’s grooming products, the author of this blog also doles out a healthy dose of styling reality. Makes a point of trying out products himself.

The Grooming Guru – Down to Earth advice about grooming choices that matter such as whether or not to dye grey hair. Not afraid to advise on popular high street products.

MEN’S GROOMING ESSENTIALS – Slotted amongst trendy fashion advice, this blog deals in practical advice in everything grooming related. Up-to-date tips on current colognes, and advice on how to get the best wet shave.

Kempt – So long as you’re not too distracted by the rest of the site’s content, useful snippets on what to do with facial hair and bathrobes. The blog also dollops on sections of current fashion advice. UK – As well as offering a great deal of news and advice on all matters a stylish gentleman needs to be aware of, AskMen also reviews a lot of products for men. Unsure what aftershave to buy, stop by here first.

Ape to Gentleman – Don’t let the name deter you, as this is an extremely well-informed blog on the subjects of shaving, skincare and hair cuts. The blog also runs a dedicated grooming tips section for quick and easy referencing. – Regularly updating on what’s new in the world of male grooming, GQ also has the advantage of offering in-depth analysis of everything a man needs ot know in order to stay fashionable.

Skin Care for Men – Ever wondered how to create your own skincare routine and what products to trust? This blog does its best to offer unbiased advice on how to look after that most important of people: you.

Daniel’s Men’s Fashion/Grooming Blog – A good place to go for style advice as well as regular updates on what’s happening in men’s fragrances.

Bachelor 2 Groom – Everything a groom needs to consider for his big wedding day. Including how to be clean shaved and not give the woman of your dreams a facial hair rash.

Male Grooming Review – If you don’t have any idea what to invest in to ensure that your looks remain at their top, give this review site a browse.

The Men’s Grooming Blog – Handy discussions on aspects of male grooming, with answers to such tricky questions as to keep an unshaven look that isn’t an unkempt beard.

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our list of the best male grooming blogs. If you know of any other blogs that should be added to our list, please do let us know sending us an email (samuelwindsorblog[@]

Suit icons from the world of sport

David Beckham in a suit

A sporting and fashion icon

Whether it’s off the field, off the court or off the track, the following icons from the world of sport are famous for stepping out in public suited and booted.

David Beckham

Perhaps the most obvious addition to the list, Beckham is equally at ease in a suit as he is in his football kit. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion, Beckham normally maintains a more classic-style when it comes to tailoring.

Lewis Hamilton

When he’s not jet-setting around the world driving for McLaren in the Formula 1 Championship, Hamilton is no stranger to looking good on the red carpet. Already firmly established as a style-icon, the 25 year-old endorses numerous men’s fashion brands.

Roger Federer

Not content with being the finest tennis player ever to pick up a racket, Federer has also made his mark on the world of fashion. Often stepping onto court with monogrammed shoes and tailored blazers, the Swiss-maestro knows what looks good and this extends to his formal wardrobe.

Jonny Wilkinson

Shot to fame overnight by kicking England to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, Wilkinson quickly became synonymous with seemingly-effortless style. His muscular-frame doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to suits but Jonny always seems to pull off the tailored look.

Kobe Bryant

A legend of the NBA, Bryant stands at a giant 6 foot 6 inches, making him easily the tallest icon on the list. His tall and slim frame is ideal for a fitted suit and the LA Lakers star pulls of the look effortlessly.

Kevin Pietersen

The South-African born English cricketer quickly became famous for his flamboyant style both on and off the field, by helping England win the 2005 Ashes series and stepping out in bold outfits. He seems far more relaxed these days, which is perfectly demonstrated by his simple formal style.

Ignacio Figueras

Unless you follow international polo, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever heard of one of Argentina’s most well-known sportsmen. With a habit of setting the pulses of women racing, Figueras is the polo equivalent to David Beckham, with his own host of modeling contracts. It’s rare to see him looking anything other than impeccably styled.

Men’s clothes blogs with style

This is the very first post on the all new Samuel Windsor blog. Over the coming weeks, months and years we’ll be providing useful tips, clever ideas and many other interesting features all centered around formal menswear.

We thought it would be appropriate to start off by acknowledging the many excellent blogs we’ve come across that have inspired us to share our own expertise. We truly appreciate those who share our passion for impeccable style, which is why we’ve compiled this list of what we consider to be the finest Mens fashion blogs.

Please note this list isn’t in any particular order and all accompanying images are sampled directly from their respective blog.

Style Salvage – A fantastic concept and a superbly executed blog, Style Salvage is an open discussion conducted by two friends, Steve and EJ, on how men could (and should) dress. It features style commentary, interviews with designers, journalists and shop owners mixed in with the occasional easy DIY project and personal style shot.

Guy Style Guide – Avoid designer babble and catwalk curiosities and let this rather spiffing blog beef-up your wardrobe, clean up your hair, tidy your sock draw and put you in control of your looks. A great read, packed with stylish features.

Le Vrai Winston – One particularly suave blogger shares his fashion secrets and many stylish outfits on Le Vrai Winston, which is particularly useful for distinctive men’s tailoring ideas.

dapper kid – A truly exceptional high-fashion blog from author Syed aka the Dapper Kid, with remarkable insight and detail crammed into every feature. Whether it’s an analysis of the latest designer collections or his own ideas for a stylish winter wardrobe, this blog doesn’t disappoint.

Kate Loves Me – Jam-packed with stunning photography and images that are sure to inspire your inner fashionista, this standout blog from London-based fashion student Pelayo is truly remarkable, and not least because it’s written in both English and Spanish.

Last Style of Defense – As the ‘Star of Fashion’s Future Front Row for Fashion Blogging’, Dan Hasby-Oliver, a freelance fashion journalist, has captured over 200,000 loyal readers since July 2009. His superb blog is dedicated entirely to men’s style products, as well as the latest trends and goings on from the world of fashion.

Individualism – Making men more stylish through quick-read informative posts and videos. This slick style blog has been recognized by ITV and is unquestionably your one-stop men’s style & image resource.

Brandish – A men’s fashion and lifestyle blog showing that style’s not just for girls, with special features on clothing, footwear, accessories and much more aside.

Buckets And Spades – The life of a boy who lives by the seaside, but don’t expect ice-cream and fairgrounds, this is a blog about men’s fashion, jam-packed with style-tips for the image conscious man about town.

Calculatus Eliminatus – We’ll show you how to look good is the claim and you’re hard-pressed to disagree with the vast array of detailed articles on offer, with advice on everything from winter boots to designer sunglasses.

Dapper Dude – All the latest male fashion trends as well as product reviews, discount codes and lifestyle features.

Fashion Beans – Why listen to just one blogger when you can read what a team of expert mens fashion columnists can show you how to look good? From grooming to basic fashion tips, all the way up to the latest trends right from the catwalk, this is truly the place to get your fashion beans.

fashionMR. – The rather brilliant blog of a stylish, sophisticated, well dressed Gentlemen, following all the latest trends in mens fashion.

Male Mode – Playing host to various musings on everything from established heritage design houses to the freshest up-and-coming designers, and from burgeoning trends to sartorially savvy style-makers, Male Mode is a highly accessible and thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

Man Fashion – Crammed with useful tips and features such as ‘How to dress slimmer’ and ‘How to find Designer Shoes online’, this is one men’s fashion blog that’s certainly worth adding to your bookmarks.

Men’s Fashion 101 – From simple fashion advice to style how-to’s, as well as tips on the hottest deals and latest trends on men’s clothing, Men’s Fashion 101 has it covered.

MFL For Him – A well-presented men’s fashion and lifestyle blog filled with interesting features, the latest news and detailed product reviews.

Michael Adams – A blog not just about fashion, but about the life and times of Michael Adams, which makes this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Permanent Style – Permanent style has cycles that last decades, not months. It is about weaves and lengths, about subtle ideas of proportion and balance. This blog supplies it. Enough said.

Smart Geezer – A brilliant, down-to-earth blog that doesn’t concern itself with high-fashion but instead concentrates solely on the here and now and getting some good looking clobber today at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Style and Error – A thoroughly entertaining and lighthearted read from an author who works in the fashion industry. Beautifully laid out, easy on the eye and always interesting. Go and read it.

Style Nerds – Let this expert team of fashion enthusiasts take you through the latest news, from fashion trends and niche brands, to grooming products and style guides. A great blog.

The Dandy Project – On this exceptional blog you’ll find lots of talk about menswear with focus on do-it-yourself projects, up-and-coming designers, and Filipino bespoke tailoring as well as a healthy dose of the thought processes behind clothing and dressing up.

The Urban Gentleman – Fashion, styling and grooming tips for the urban man about town. Beautifully presented and packed with excellent features.

The Staple – In his own words, A consummate consumer blessed with an aesthetic eye yet no tangible artistic talent – reporting from the urban metropolis with the latest in ephemeral goodies. In our words, a simple, yet brilliant blog all about men’s fashion.

We could grow up together – A stylish fashion journey filled with imagery to inspire and delight. In fact, the photography alone is enough to keep you coming back for more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our list of the best mens fashion blogs. If you know of any other stylish blogs that should be added to our list, please do let us know in the comments below.