Suit icons from the world of sport

David Beckham in a suit

A sporting and fashion icon

Whether it’s off the field, off the court or off the track, the following icons from the world of sport are famous for stepping out in public suited and booted.

David Beckham

Perhaps the most obvious addition to the list, Beckham is equally at ease in a suit as he is in his football kit. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion, Beckham normally maintains a more classic-style when it comes to tailoring.

Lewis Hamilton

When he’s not jet-setting around the world driving for McLaren in the Formula 1 Championship, Hamilton is no stranger to looking good on the red carpet. Already firmly established as a style-icon, the 25 year-old endorses numerous men’s fashion brands.

Roger Federer

Not content with being the finest tennis player ever to pick up a racket, Federer has also made his mark on the world of fashion. Often stepping onto court with monogrammed shoes and tailored blazers, the Swiss-maestro knows what looks good and this extends to his formal wardrobe.

Jonny Wilkinson

Shot to fame overnight by kicking England to victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, Wilkinson quickly became synonymous with seemingly-effortless style. His muscular-frame doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to suits but Jonny always seems to pull off the tailored look.

Kobe Bryant

A legend of the NBA, Bryant stands at a giant 6 foot 6 inches, making him easily the tallest icon on the list. His tall and slim frame is ideal for a fitted suit and the LA Lakers star pulls of the look effortlessly.

Kevin Pietersen

The South-African born English cricketer quickly became famous for his flamboyant style both on and off the field, by helping England win the 2005 Ashes series and stepping out in bold outfits. He seems far more relaxed these days, which is perfectly demonstrated by his simple formal style.

Ignacio Figueras

Unless you follow international polo, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever heard of one of Argentina’s most well-known sportsmen. With a habit of setting the pulses of women racing, Figueras is the polo equivalent to David Beckham, with his own host of modeling contracts. It’s rare to see him looking anything other than impeccably styled.