Mens shoes to marry

mens shoes to marry

Mens shoes for marriage

If the thousands of magazine articles are true, you should judge a man by his shoes.

That’s right, to avoid the heavy stomping of divorce, the first steps on the road to eternal love are all about quality shoes. It’s quite simple, first find the shoes and the dream man will follow.

Italian Handmade Shoes

italian shoes

Italian shoes

The attention to detail, the abundance of style and charisma, the wealth and eye for the finer things in life are certainly desirable traits from a partner.

However, that charisma and Italian soul is hard to resist, so the jury is out on whether these shoes can be relied on.

Fashion Boots

mens boots

Mens boots

Looking for something more reliable? Then fashionable military boots are strong and dependable.

A good mix of ruggedness and pride in appearance. But beware of high boots with tight laces as you may be walking into an obsessive relationship.




If you like it chilled and reclined, then the sneaker is a great choice. Fun, flexible and relaxed, sneakers like to get things done tomorrow rather than yesterday.

Be warned, as they do like to hang out with their mates quite a lot. They also tend to be unreliable when contributing to holes in your relationship.


mens sandals

Mens sandals

Relationships should be reliable and transparent, so how about the trusty sandal. Relaxing, reliable and incredibly practical in the summer months, the sandal is a pleasant companion.

In the winter months it’s a different story as the sandal tends to moan a lot, and you should walk away when the white socks come out.

High Heels

High heels

High heels

If you’re drawn to fun, unpredictability and mild insanity, then high heels could be the one for you.

Although, we’ll leave you to make your mind up about the disadvantages of a man wearing high heels to your wedding.




They embody all the laziness of summer, but will stand by you through the winter months too.

Informal, stylish and slightly reserved, the moccasin’s only disappointment are their laces. They’re impossible to tie down and will fall apart at the slightest hint of pressure.




If you’re looking for something honest, hardworking with authentic good looks, then the lovable brogue could be the one. Subtly eccentric and thoughtful, brogues are happy taking you to the park or the opera.

Reliable for all weathers and occasions. Brogues will not fail you even under great pressure. They can be a bit deep and moody though.

Whatever shoe you choose to marry or if you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet, don’t be afraid to do some online research first.

Time for a handmade shoe moment?

These days the world seems to spin faster. Everything needs doing yesterday.

It’s cyberspace this and ASAP that as we fiddle with our super fast gadgets and everything everywhere is just a little bit HECTIC! Except … if you’re wearing handmade shoes.

The embodiment of culture and calm, those lucky enough to wear mens handmade shoes have all the time in the world to savour life’s magic moments.

Drink coffee in a Parisian cafe

paris cafe girl

Take time to enjoy coffee the Parisian way
Photo by Ilolab

Think sepia, think sophistication, drink fresh ground coffee in your handmade shoes and beret.

Sit en plien air in a cafe right out of 1950’s Paris, soak up the sounds and smells in the historic home of Bohemian lifestyle.

Play chess in the park

chess in the park

Play chess with strangers
Photo by Malias

Wearing favourite leather shoes and old school scarf, stroll to the park and enjoy a game of chess with an intriguing stranger.

In between long pensive pauses, quote Tolstoy and Nietzsche before decisively toppling the king. Checkmate.

Hang out in a classy jazz joint

jazz club sign

Mingle with the jazz crowd
Photo by Fabio Venni

Mingle with the jazz crowd and bathe in the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, as you tap the fine leather soles below your feet.

Escape from the outside world, settle with a stiff drink and bathe in the improvised sounds of musical free expression.

Enjoy a date on a boating lake

boating lake

Serenade a beauty on a boating lake
Photo by Steve Webster

Serenade a beauty whilst bobbing gently on the ripples of a boating lake.

A sturdy pair of handmade shoes will help avoid any slip ups on this love lead adventure.

Watch a black and white film

old cinema

Enjoy a classic black and white film
Photo by Bo Nielsen

Find a charming old cinema where you can hear the flicker of the projector and watch a black and white film.

The nostalgic motion pictures will remind you that good things are made to last.

Play guitar as the sun sets

play guitar

Play guitar to the setting sun
Photo by Edward Murray

Whether you can play guitar or not, the last hour of sunlight is the perfect time to strum away.

With spectacular colours enhancing the horizon, the musical motions will ease the passage from day to night. Lovingly wrapped in handmade shoes, toes will tap in time.

World’s sexiest women in men’s suits

A beautiful woman in a man’s suit makes a seductive combination.

Stylish, sophisticated and ever so slightly subversive, masculine tailoring works well on the female form when it hints at some curves and dares to reveal others.

It’s a look that oozes confidence, power and sex-appeal. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Marlene Dietrich, we’ve picked some of the world’s sexiest women wearing men’s suits as only they know how.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image source: S Bukley
Gwyneth Paltrow

Juliette Binoche

Image source: Jaguar PS /
Juliette Binoche

Gemma Arterton

Image source: Featureflash /
Gemma Arterton

Marlene Dietrich

Image source: Bundesarchiv / Wikimedia Commons
Marlene Dietrich