The million-dollar question for mens shoes – black or brown?

To be or not to be, red or black, Deal or no Deal? Indeed man has faced many great dilemmas through history and will undoubtedly face many more in the future. Yet no dilemma will ever challenge that which passes through the minds of shoe wearers around the globe — black or brown?

Flexibility — matching or clashing?

Whether it be blue jeans or white chinos, men’s black shoes are unrivalled for flexibility — quite simply, they will go with just about anything. Brown shoes on the other hand, err foot, are a little bit particular about what they’re associated with and clashes with certain colours are common. If you want flexibility, go back to black.

Style — cool or fool?

When it comes to style, brown shoes have a certain je ne sais quoi and offer that touch of class needed to set off an outfit. Though there is most definitely a danger of getting it horribly wrong and looking like a pimp at a funeral. Black shoes offer a subtle kiss of style and won’t let you down, but sometimes they play it too safe and aren’t even noticed.

Occasion — sheep or wolf?

There’s a misconception that the occasion dictates the colour of the shoe, but that isn’t necessarily the case. If it’s a funeral, then sure black shoes are your best bet, and this may also be the best option for the majority of job interviews. With everything else from weddings to creative job interviews, well it depends on what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling, but black tends to be more uniform and brown more rebellious.

Distinction — blend or rustle

Make no mistake, brown shoes will steal the show when you first walk into a room — infusing the wearer with an air of distinction, but sometimes stealing the show from the wearer himself. Black shoes might seem unspectacular in comparison and sure they can blend into any party without a second glance. However shine those beauties up and match them with the right clobber, and they’ll give brown shoes a fight.

Character — you talking to me or would you like to talk to me?

Black and brown shoes certainly give off different signals; intensified even more by the type of person who is wearing them. From mob bosses to nightclub bouncers to the police force, one might be forgiven for thinking black shoes have an intimidating, no-nonsense approach. Brown shoes tend to be on the feet of bohemian beatniks and artists, academics and librarians and posers and playboys.

Of course you don’t have to be any of the above to enjoy either colour — just remember it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Fortune favours Chelsea boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are three of the wealthiest men in the world. So we’re guessing that they all have a pair of Chelsea boots, hidden somewhere in one of their many wardrobes. Why? Well, Chelsea boots are synonymous with hitting the jackpot and making a fortune.

Queen Victoria

The affluent surroundings of the British monarchy are where the money trail begins, when in 1837, J Sparkes-Hall (Queen Victoria’s bootmaker) invented the Chelsea boot.

If you’re not familiar with Queen Victoria, she’s the one who used to own more land than Mother Nature, and reputably liked to take a daily walk in a pair of Chelsea boots.


“We’re sitting on a goldmine!” was a sentence heard many times when the original Australian prospectors were searching for the heavy stuff.

More than a handful struck rich whilst wearing the fortune-enhancing Chelsea boot. So it should be no surprise, the design has been adopted by workmen ‘down-under’ ever since.

The Beatles

The Beatles went from jamming in a garage to selling out stadiums around the globe in no time.

And under every mega successful, globally iconic, super wealthy pop star is naturally a pair of Chelsea boots.

Chelsea Footballers

Nestled in the affluent West End of London, and owned by a chairman with a reputed personal fortune of £8.4billion – Chelsea Football Club is filthy rich.

With players being paid up to six figure salaries, per week, we’re sure they are happy to wear boots for Chelsea.

David Beckham

Everything this modern King Midas touches (or kicks) turns to gold. So there’s really no surprise that he’s nicknamed Goldenballs.

He’s also a big fan of Chelsea boots. Obviously.


If like Darth Vader, you ruled the galaxy and owned a yacht bigger than a planet, you could pretty much claim the colour black for yourself too.

Meaning your personal army of Stormtroopers are forced to wear the finest footwear sprayed a nice shade of white.

Seems Chelsea boots are making a mint throughout the universe. They’re worth a flutter, so get involved.

Musical mens shoes

The humble shoe is arguably one of humanity’s finest inventions; so no surprise then there’s been numerous songs dedicated to our trusty footwear for decades.

Here’s five of the finest mens shoes songs we could find — each one sung from the sole (sorry).

These Boots are Made for Walking – Nancy Sinatra

Sexy, sultry and still ultra cool nearly 50 years since it was first released, this tune embodies the swagger and style of the sixties. Written by country singer Lee Hazelwood, ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ was an enormous worldwide hit for Nancy Sinatra in 1966.

Blue Suede Shoes — Elvis Presley

‘Step in my face, Steal my car … Burn down my house. But don’t you, step on my blue suede shoes!’ warned Elvis Presley — now that’s commitment to the humble shoe! The king enjoyed major worldwide success with this monster hit written by Carl Perkins and inspired by a Johnny Cash remark after he heard somebody shout the warning, ‘Hey don’t step on my blue suede shoes’, whilst queueing in a canteen.

Boogie Shoes — KC & The Sunshine Band

Kings of disco, KC & the Sunshine Band never left home without their boogie shoes. First released as a single in 1978 to average sales, the song turned to gold around the globe when it appeared on the soundtrack for the movie: Saturday Night Fever. Nice one Tony Manero.

Goody Two-Shoes — Adam Ant

Prince Charming himself Adam Ant, released Goody Two-Shoes in 1982. A No.1 hit in the UK and Australia, the song gave an insight into the star’s increasing frustration living under the spotlight. Check his moves out in the video and also his bright yellow boots!

New Shoes — Paolo Nutini

A new entry in the Shoe Singles Chart by the talented Mr Nutini. Released in 2007, New Shoes became the song that most people with a radio couldn’t stop humming.The song explores the joys of buying new shoes — a joy many of us are familiar with.