Mad mens suits in movies

Every good movie has its hero, but it’s really the colourfully crazy characters, which we never forget.

And when they’re insanely unhinged or crazy in the coconut, there’s nothing quite like a mad man’s suit to show off their derangement.

Here’s some of the maddest mens suits from the movies.

Mad Hatter

The Alice in Wonderland story has lasted the test of time and one of the stars of the surreal tale is the Mad Hatter. Throughout time, the character’s suits have been recreated over and over again, but the fantastically funky suit worn by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s latest offering is certifiably MAD!

The Mask

Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss is transformed into a manic super-hero when he wears a mysterious mask. That’s a manic super-hero who wears a ridiculously yellow suit. Making him look like a cross between a pimp and a clown, which is a weird mix if you think about it. The suit is actually quite cool though.

Willy Wonka

Somebody who lives in a large chocolate factory surrounded by strange orange-faced dwarves is going to be a little eccentric or just completely bonkers. And a bonkers man needs a bonkers suit so Willy Wonka gets given a huge dose of velvet.

Saturday Night Fever

Responsible for raving mad dance moves in discos around the world, John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever knows how to get down and boogie. And if you’re the king of the disco floor, then only a superfly white suit with crazy flares and collars will do.

The Joker

Many would award the late and great Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Night with the accolade of the insanest villain in movie history. Such an accolade is going to require one hell of a wardrobe and he doesn’t disappoint with a collection of vintage suits throughout the movie. Think ringmaster meets professor meets psycho clown.

Nutty Professor

Professor Klump’s attire isn’t that nutty really, but the fat suit worn by Eddie Murphy is pretty loco and transforms him into a fatty, fruitcake professor who is quite literally larger than life. For all the doubters, a fat suit worn by a man is technically a man’s suit.

Black shoes are essential for…

Black leather Prestige Oxford shoe from Samuel Windsor

The ultimate black shoe
Image source: Oxford shoes from Samuel Windsor

Black shoes have become uniform for most men. To wear brown is still, even in this day an age, seen as less smart, a sign that the wearer doesn’t mean business.

Let’s take a look at some of the situations where mens black shoes are essential. Don’t get left behind by donning brown and not black.


Business suits and shoes with snazzy socks

Snazzy socks are optional
Image source: Lighthouse stock

If you want to do business, you won’t aid your chances of success by wearing a pair of tan shoes with your suit. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s cool, stylish or avant garde; it’s not.

The people who wear brown on business are making a faux pas – stick with black – or suffer the consequences.

Job interviews

man in chair in suit

First impressions count in a job interview.
Image source: Shutterstock

Don’t be late, don’t underdress, don’t slouch in the chair, and don’t give a handshake like a limp biscuit. The first few seconds of an encounter with another human being are among the most important.

Under our sharp suits, we’re still cavemen and during those vital first moments of a job interview, your prospective employer is sizing you up. Inevitably, they’ll give your footwear the once over – wear black shoes because initial impressions count.


Planning ahead protects your family from additional stress after your funeral

Not a time for colourful shoes
Image source: Tuomas Kallio

Along with bright garish ties, brown shoes at a funeral are an absolute no no. In recent years there has been a move towards wearing jaunty colours to celebrate the life of the deceased. This is not a trend with which to associate yourself.

Marking the death of a friend, relative or associate is about showing respect. A funeral is not a moment for levity; you’re in mourning – wear black shoes.


The military mirror-shine is legendary

The military mirror-shine is important
Image source: domhnall dods

Can you imagine members of our armed forces being permitted to wear brown shoes or boots whilst on duty? For desert warfare, obviously, we make an exception.

In general, the only option for servicemen and women is black shoes or boots, polished to resemble mirrors. Turn up to the parade ground in brown boots and be prepared to be given your marching orders.


in law court

Show you’re serious with black shoes
Image source: MR.Yanukit

If you’ve been a naughty boy, the last thing you’ll want to do is antagonise those sitting in judgement of you. Brown shoes show that you’re not taking the charges seriously.

So if you’re determined to sport brown brogues, you’d best get your affairs in order; you’re going down son. Also, consider the consequences of entering one of Her Majesty’s prisons looking less than sharp – don’t show weakness – wear black.


Simply put: live by the gun, die by the gun – but wear brown shoes and you’ll be the first to lose… your life.

Why men’s shoes are more comfortable than women’s

Collection of coloured Samuel Windsor Oxfords

Why are men’s shoes more comfortable?
Image: Samuel Windsor

Staying safely on the fence, there’s an assumption out there that men’s shoes are decidedly more comfortable than the shoes worn by women. This view has some weight behind it when you consider the high heels, buckles and straps found on many women’s shoes.

Yet there’s only one way to be sure about assumptions, so in the red corner we have women’s shoes and in the blue corner we have shoes for men. Let the competition for the comfiest commence …

Social — Chelsea boots Vs T-bar sandals

With their smart, yet relatively informal look, Chelsea boots are something of an icon in the shoe world, but when it comes to good looks, the elegance and delicate features of a pair of ladies’ T-bar sandals are more than a match.

Concentrating on comfort though, the elastic sidings and snug feel of the Chelsea boots are far superior to the flimsy ankle strap and limited protection for those worried pinkies. 1-0 to the chaps.

Relaxing — outdoor mule Vs espadrilles

When it comes to taking it easy, ladies’ espadrilles not only look the part, but are flexible enough to be worn down at the beach or around the house. Men’s outdoor mules are equally flexible and it’s truly effortless to slide them on and potter around.

Both shoes are very comfy, but the fur-lined mules may be a little too snug in the summer and the canvas inners of the espadrilles may feel a little rough for the first few days. The points are shared, so 2-1 overall.

Formal — Oxford shoe Vs bridal stiletto

Weddings and special occasions demand stylish footwear, so a smart, shiny pair of prestige Oxford shoes are an excellent choice for men. Handmade with quality leather, these trusty shoes are extremely comfortable when broken in.

Shame we can’t say the same for the show-stopping stilettos, which may be the talk of the wedding, but walking on those heels sure looks uncomfortable. 3-1.

Flexible — brogues Vs leather boots

Whether hanging out in bohemian cafes or walking in the country it’s important to have a pair of shoes able to rise to any occasion. For women, a stylish pair of leather boots offer protection, durability and, depending on the brand and finish, look the business too.

Brogues need no introduction and are one of the most recognisable shoe designs in the world. Not only do they offer a kiss of style and flexibility, but are ultra stylish. In terms of comfort, both are very comfortable even with heels, so the honours are shared. 4-2.

Fun — creepers Vs platform shoes

It’s important to have a fun pair of shoes in your life and a fancy pair of suede creepers on your feet will certainly bring out the rock n’ roller in you. With huge, thick soles, beneath them, men feel a foot taller and will bounce the night away.

Equally distinctive and perhaps even more iconic, women’s platform shoes make for a stunning choice in footwear and have graced discos and catwalks for decades. Although, with heels added to the mix, walking in platform shoes is akin to balancing on stilts, whereas the bouncy, padded feel of the creepers is quite the opposite. It’s another win for the chaps, 5-2.

So it would seem that the assumptions are correct and the heeled, buckled and aesthetically pleasing shoes worn by women aren’t that comfortable. Now there’s a shock.

You’re free of course to go and try on a pair of stilettos if you’re not convinced, but take our word for it, men’s shoes are the champions of comfy.