The Complete A to Z of Men’s Fashion

Fashion can be confusing for some. So we’ve created a simple A to Z to help you learn the basics..

Featuring men’s shoes of various descriptions and a bit of brainwork on the harder letters.

A is for Accessories

10 socks in a pile

Accessories means socks

Whether it’s socks for shoes, a watch for your wrist or a handkerchief for your breast pocket, the right accessory can finish off an outfit in style.


B is for Brogues

Brown brogue shoes

Stylish brogues

A timeless favourite. They feature decorative perforations that were originally designed to let water out. Semi and quarter brogues just have less patterning.


C is for Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boot painted white

Star Wars Swagger

Easy to pull off thanks to the elasticated gusset on the ankle. Did you know they are the preferred footwear of Stormtroopers from Star Wars?


D is for Deck Shoes

Contrasting Deck shoes

Deck Shoe Style

Those nautical favourite of casual coolness. They come in a broad range of colours and are traditionally worn without socks. Incidentally, you don’t have to buy a boat.


E is for Espadrille

Blue espadrilles

Simple Espadrille
Source: Daily Dose of Flies

Slip on some lightweight shoes in the summer.Traditionally canvas made, these have become a modern staple of style.


F is for Flip Flops

Brown flip flops

Flip Flop Flap!
Source: Dudepins

Not everyone’s cup of tea but these summer classics do have their own sound effects.. Try leather sandals if you don’t like them.


G is for Goodyear Welted

In basic terms, it means that the shoe isn’t glued together. So you can re-sole the shoe time after time after time. Here’s a video set to music for a better explanation.


H is for Herringbone

Herringbone jacket

Herringbone Tweed

A distinctive V shape weave that you’ll see on trousers and jackets. Especially good with tweed.


I is for Indie

Sunglasses indie style

Indie Style
Source: Tumblr

Not just sprayed on skinny jeans, some boots and a trilby. You can dress down in style with a few indie hints; like a beanie or some scruffier hair.


J is for Jackets

Summer blazer jacket

Summer jacket

Whether a summer unstructured jacket or a wool suit blazer, you can finish off a casual or formal outfit in style.


K is for Knitwear

Model 2 in a mushroom knitted jumper

Mushroom Knitted Jumper

Simple cardigans, chunky knit cricket jumpers and anything made from the click clack of flashing needles. Warm and cosy, and timelessly simple.


L is for Loafers

four loafers

Lazy loafers

We’re not talking about lazy people, we’re on about the minimalistic slip-on shoes.


M is Moleskin

Navy moleskin trousers

Navy Moleskins

Famously soft and durable. These come in all sorts of colours and are a great all round option.


N is Nightwear

Man in loungerwear

N is for Loungewear too

Whether pyjamas or a dressing gown, nightwear is an essential part every man’s wardrobe.


O is for Oxford shoes

Black oxford shoes

Simple style

Traditional, versatile and stylish in black leather, they are great for the office, weddings and a whole host of other occasions.


P is for Polo Shirts

Striped Pique polo shirt

Pique Polo

Simple, classic and comfortable. A polo shirt goes well with shorts and a pair of loafers on summer days.

Q is for Quilted Jacket

Model 2 in a burgundy quilted jacket

Burgundy Quilted Jacket

Warm, comfortable and great for a country look. Keep the chill off and the rain away.

R is for Rugby Shirt

Sky blue and cream rugby shirt

Sporty Style

You don’t have to love a team to love these tops. A more sophisticated choice than a t-shirt.

S is for Suits


Model 2 in a Tonic Grey Suit

Tonic Grey Suit

For aficionados of fashion and smart men everywhere. They add class and sophistication to any personality.


T is for Ties

Red and white spotty tie

Spotty Silk Tie

Finish off a suit with the right tie. Whether luscious silk or country style wool, they add class to any outfit.

U is for Underwear

Cotton Samuel Windsor Underwear

Cotton Pants

Whether jersey style boxer shorts or loose fitting woven cotton, these are needed unless you’re going commando.


V is for Velvet

Burgundy velvet jacket

Bold Burgundy

Style oozes from every part of a velvet jacket, and often they come in a range of bold and striking colours.


W is for Wool

Green orange and purple wool

Woolen Jumpers

Woolen jumpers, socks and ties are just some of the garments available in this classic material. Remember to put them in a cold wash though.


X is for XS – 5XL

Measuring tape

Tailoring tape
Source: Tailormouse

Don’t let a super skinny frame or a slightly chunkier build deter you from looking great.


Y is for Yukata

Blue Japanese Yukata

Japanese Yukata
Source: Kaboodle

A casual summer kimono, heralding from Japan. Stay cool on hot days or practice martial art. Be prepared for some looks if you’re not in Kyoto.


Z is for Zip

Close up zip

Zip it up
Source: Public Domain Pics

Chunky, double or just plain normal, a zip keeps your decency hidden and your jacket done up.


So now you know your men’s fashion ABC why not take a look and see…the Samuel Windsor website for lots of fashionable, comfortable and affordable products.


Looking After Leather Shoes

Leather boots and shoes are comfortable, stylish and are a cornerstone of men’s fashion but it’s important to look after them.

So make them look good, make them last longer and make them comfier with these clever tips.

New shoes

As Paulo Nutini says ‘I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right’, and if you want to keep that great feeling look after your new shoes.  Start by looking after your new leather shoes before you put them on, it’ll mean less work later on.

Condition your shoes (see below) before you wear them outside. Doing so makes them even comfier from the start and will make future care easier. Start loving and caring for your shoes the minute they leave the box, and they’ll love you back.

Clean up your act

Have you stepped in mud too many times? Are your boots looking scruffy? If so, it’s time to smarten them up. But don’t jump straight in with a wet cloth and polish.

You need to prepare your shoes for cleaning, with these simple steps:

1. Remove the laces, it’s easier to clean these separately.

2. Clean off any mud and debris with a rag or a damp cloth.

3. Let your footwear dry. Now you’re ready to condition and polish your boots.


Conditioning your boots and shoes will make your leather last longer. It’s pretty simple, just get a cloth and rub small amounts of the conditioner into the boot.

You have 3 options when it comes to conditioner.

1. Dubbin – with a distinct smell and a yellow tint, it’s a great buy that lasts ages and will also help to waterproof your leather. Easy to find in shoe and outdoor shops.

2. Traditional conditioner – there is a lot on the market and all claim they are the best. Do some research and find the product that suits your budget and needs.

3. Vaseline – my personal favourite. Use like you would any conditioner, but don’t double dip, then you can use it on your lips too!

Shine on/Shine off

Get two brushes. A shine on brush, and a shine off brush. Get some polish. Then watch this ‘idiot’s guide’ featuring the wonderful James May.

Keep them tidy!

Treat your shoes regularly. The moment your boots look a little bit sad, cheer them up with conditioner, polish and care.

Here’s some I polished earlier:

Mens polished oxford leather shoes

Polished shoes