Why men’s shoes are more comfortable than women’s

Collection of coloured Samuel Windsor Oxfords

Why are men’s shoes more comfortable?
Image: Samuel Windsor

Staying safely on the fence, there’s an assumption out there that men’s shoes are decidedly more comfortable than the shoes worn by women. This view has some weight behind it when you consider the high heels, buckles and straps found on many women’s shoes.

Yet there’s only one way to be sure about assumptions, so in the red corner we have women’s shoes and in the blue corner we have shoes for men. Let the competition for the comfiest commence …

Social — Chelsea boots Vs T-bar sandals

With their smart, yet relatively informal look, Chelsea boots are something of an icon in the shoe world, but when it comes to good looks, the elegance and delicate features of a pair of ladies’ T-bar sandals are more than a match.

Concentrating on comfort though, the elastic sidings and snug feel of the Chelsea boots are far superior to the flimsy ankle strap and limited protection for those worried pinkies. 1-0 to the chaps.

Relaxing — outdoor mule Vs espadrilles

When it comes to taking it easy, ladies’ espadrilles not only look the part, but are flexible enough to be worn down at the beach or around the house. Men’s outdoor mules are equally flexible and it’s truly effortless to slide them on and potter around.

Both shoes are very comfy, but the fur-lined mules may be a little too snug in the summer and the canvas inners of the espadrilles may feel a little rough for the first few days. The points are shared, so 2-1 overall.

Formal — Oxford shoe Vs bridal stiletto

Weddings and special occasions demand stylish footwear, so a smart, shiny pair of prestige Oxford shoes are an excellent choice for men. Handmade with quality leather, these trusty shoes are extremely comfortable when broken in.

Shame we can’t say the same for the show-stopping stilettos, which may be the talk of the wedding, but walking on those heels sure looks uncomfortable. 3-1.

Flexible — brogues Vs leather boots

Whether hanging out in bohemian cafes or walking in the country it’s important to have a pair of shoes able to rise to any occasion. For women, a stylish pair of leather boots offer protection, durability and, depending on the brand and finish, look the business too.

Brogues need no introduction and are one of the most recognisable shoe designs in the world. Not only do they offer a kiss of style and flexibility, but are ultra stylish. In terms of comfort, both are very comfortable even with heels, so the honours are shared. 4-2.

Fun — creepers Vs platform shoes

It’s important to have a fun pair of shoes in your life and a fancy pair of suede creepers on your feet will certainly bring out the rock n’ roller in you. With huge, thick soles, beneath them, men feel a foot taller and will bounce the night away.

Equally distinctive and perhaps even more iconic, women’s platform shoes make for a stunning choice in footwear and have graced discos and catwalks for decades. Although, with heels added to the mix, walking in platform shoes is akin to balancing on stilts, whereas the bouncy, padded feel of the creepers is quite the opposite. It’s another win for the chaps, 5-2.

So it would seem that the assumptions are correct and the heeled, buckled and aesthetically pleasing shoes worn by women aren’t that comfortable. Now there’s a shock.

You’re free of course to go and try on a pair of stilettos if you’re not convinced, but take our word for it, men’s shoes are the champions of comfy.

Chelsea boots, black cabs and bacon baps — Great British exports

With terrible weather, the huff and puff about recession and a tendency to moan about everything, it’s a wonder why millions of tourists still visit Britain each year. Or is it?

Keeping the ‘Great’ well and truly connected to ‘Britain’ is what gives visitors pukka British products and experiences to take away.

Here’s a taste of some great unofficial British exports:

Bacon baps

bacon bap

The Great British breakfast goes mobile
Photo: Joe Gough/Shutterstock

For the more health conscious tourists, there’s porridge, cereals or a lovely slice of toast, but sometimes you need to submit to the grease.

Known to turn veggies and stop traffic, the Great British fry-up has built empires. And for those on the move or after something just a little bit lighter, the bacon bap offers the true taste of Britain.

Black cabs

London black cabs

The King of Cabs – London Taxis
Photo: Tomas K

There are taxis and then there’s the black cab. Right up there with the red bus as an iconic symbol of London, the black cab is a durable, hard-working beast, but still manages to always look smart and dignified.

Keep calm and carry on — is a fitting motto for the black cab.

Chelsea boots

chelsea boots

The classic British boot
Photo: Samuel Windsor

Among the huge selection of iconic shoes created in Britain, Chelsea boots step into the limelight as the soul of Great Britain.

Created in the inventive Victorian era, Chelsea boots are flexible, robust and stylishly conservative — just like the population.

Sunday lunches

Sensational Sunday roast
Photo: Joe Gough/Shutterstock

Filled with random things like dartboards, whippets and pork scratchings, British pubs are a truly memorable experience for tourists.

Throw in a roast beef and horseradish lunch, the Sunday newspapers and a game of rugby or football on the telly and it don’t get much greater.


Beautiful British countryside

Beautiful British countryside
Image Source: Shutterstock

Whether it’s the Highlands of Scotland, the valleys of Wales or the coastlines of Cornwall, Great Britain’s dramatic countryside is arguably the most beautiful in the world.

And the small villages and rural communities around these areas offer some great British novelties like Morris dancing, caber-tossing and a taste of Welsh rarebit.

Great music

Great Britain is still top of the pops

Great Britain is still top of the pops
Image source: BigAlBaloo

From the Rolling Stones to Radiohead, from PJ Harvey to PJ and Duncan, nowhere in the world has produced such an incredibly impressive wealth and variety of music talent.

Compare Great Britain to a country of relative size like New Zealand and it’s quite astonishing just how much brilliant music has been created.

Brown brogues are back

brogue shoes on wood background

Image source: Samuel Windsor brogues
Embrace brown brogues

Brown brogues are making a considerable comeback in men’s fashion, with High Street sales soaring for the once taboo shoe.

Wearing brown in town may have been a sartorial faux-pas for the City gent of yesteryear, but a new generation of suited and booted gentlemen are wearing the brown brogue to stamp their distinction.

Brogues walk the line between smart and casual, and they are catching on. Celebrities have praised the brogues versatility, and brown shoe sales have soared across. What started as a cutting-edge look of brogues worn with jeans or a suit, has become a staple of the high street.

Ian Chumbley, men’s shoe buyer at John Lewis, recently told the Independent newspaper: “Sales of brown shoes are 15 per cent up on last year. Brogues are everywhere and utilising all fabrics and multiple colours. But the key, really, is the earthy tones that are coming through.”

Central to the brown brogues charm is the adaptability to both smart and casual ensembles. As Jason Broderick, the menswear manager at Harrods told the newspaper: “Men’s work wardrobe has much more crossover than ever before with casual dressing.

A more preppy look has impacted on their choice of shoe. Boring is not acceptable. Brown shoes enhance a man’s style because they stand out.”

Celebrity endorsed brogues

But this isn’t the first time that brown shoes have been championed. Back in the 1950s, Hollywood icons Cary Grant and Fred Astaire often wore brown shoes with grey trousers.

A decade later the Mad Men era of managerial types boasted the black shoe as king instead for its simplicity and smartness, leaving the brown show behind them, where it stayed for many years.

Today, celebrities such as Jude Law and Robbie Williams have been seen to pick up where Grant and Astaire left off, by hot-stepping about town in a pair of brown brogues. The choice of brown is a stand of defiance against the conservative black.

This distinction has permeated high fashion too. Stephanie Cairns, a fashion writer at Esquire magazine, said: “Almost every photo shoot we do now includes brown brogues.

The younger generation are using them as a means to distinguish themselves from the older and more conservatively dressed businessmen. The trend is ongoing and shows no sign of stopping.”