Slippers, gloves and a lumberjack shirt: Your winter wardrobe

Model 2 wearing Samuel Windsor clothing

What are you wearing this winter?
Image: Samuel Windsor AW19 Collection

Early weather forecasts are predicting a harsh winter this year.

This is bad news for most people, especially those of us with little or no winter clothing, which is a sizeable segment of the male population.

Most men hate shopping, especially for clothes. But there are certain items that are essential for keeping you warm and comfortable during the winter months.

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Why leather shoes squeak and other footwear facts

Finding the source of the squeak can be a process of elimination

Finding the source of the squeak can be a process of elimination
Image source: Shutterstock / Rudmer Zwerver

The right pair of brogues can make you look stylish, but when your shoes develop a squeak, it can be very irritating. Here then, is why your shoes sometimes squeak, and some other facts on the way.
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Why do men’s shoes have heels?

Suede brogue shoes from Samuel Windsor

Today the heels on men’s shoes protect the sole from wear.
Featured product: Suede brogue shoes from Samuel Windsor

If you associate high heels with women’s stilettos, you might be surprised to hear that they were originally invented for men’s footwear. Men’s shoes traditionally had high heels to make it easier to ride on horseback. Later, they became a status symbol among the aristocracy.

Today, a wide range of men’s shoe styles still sport a low heel, but now that our horse riding days are largely a thing of the past, why do men’s shoes have heels? The short answer it to protect the soles of your shoes from wear, but the longer answer is a fascinating journey through world history…
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