What is tweed fabric?

Closeup of a tweed jacket

Tweed is a versatile fabric
Image: Vitaliy Kyrychuk

The word ‘tweed’ conjures up images of farmers and the gentry on shooting trips. But it isn’t just country folk who wear tweed.

Style aficionados have become great fans of the fabric, and tweed is enjoying a fashionable resurgence of late.

But what exactly is tweed, how should it be worn, and who wears it?

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Winter wisdom from menswear oracles

winter menswear wisdom

Image source: Sun Ok
Be smart this winter

Winter is a tricky period where style and warmth seldom come together. But to help you out, we asked our favourite menswear experts for their ultimate winter tip.

With expert views from Northern Ireland, to Norway and as far away as Nigeria, we’ve collected a world of knowledge for you to peruse.

So if the task of staying stylish this winter leaves you shivering, then put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, sit back and read these menswear tips.


Model 3 wearing a Field Jacket from Samuel Windsor

Layering will keep you warm throughout the winter
Image: Field Jacket (Navy) by Samuel Windsor

Layers, layers and more layers. Play with colours and fabrics and create something unique
Billy WebbModern Man Blog

Layer up fine gauge knits, thermal tees, a jacket under an overcoat. The weather is such an unpredictable thing. So ensure you can peel layers off & still keep your cool but at the same time ensure your toasty warm!”
Ant Clothes Make the Man

For me the upcoming season is all about keeping warm and dry, and the best way to cope with the changing weather is layers. Layers to keep wind out and layers to keep me warm. The advantage is the flexibility to cope with changing temperatures and conditions.
Nicholas Johannessen Well Dressed Dad


Chelsea boot

The perfect boot for winter
Source: Samuel Windsor Boots

With snow, rain and piles of fallen leaves to contend with, your shoes can take a battering. Learn how to keep things stylish on the footwear front this winter.

The one rule I live by is starting from the ground and working up. Plenty of perfectly good dress is often ruined by poor shoe choice. Buy welted shoes and you can’t go wrong.

Although I’m away from the coming cold, I’ll give you the same advice I gave myself when the winter winds made their presence known. Get a pair of Commando Brogue Boots – they’re your feet’s life saver. They’re stylish and come in handy when trudging through the snow. I saved up for them, so can you.
Robin OozorMister Spruce


Moleskin trousers stack

Which could would you pick?
Source: Samuel Windsor Moleskin Trousers

Darkness descends early in winter, but that needn’t mean you have to dress in dull colours.

Emerald green made a prominent appearance in ready-to-wear and accessory collections on runways from London to Paris. But keep it natural and simple to avoid looking like a traffic light. It’s versatility and practical nature will easily fit into your current wardrobe.
Ged The Ged Lab

Go orange! No I don’t mean you should head to the nearest spray tan booth, I am talking about wearing orange. When picking out a winter wardrobe, most of us play it safe with black and navy. This winter I am all about the colour orange. Depending on how brave you are feeling you can either go for a block colour like a knitted jumper or play it a little more subtly with an orange pocket square or tie. The choice is yours.
John RobertsonThe Everyday Man

Layer up, and add a splash of colour to brighten up those dull winter days.
CraigA Casual Man

Staying warm

SW navy scarf

Image source: Samuel Windsor Scarves
Keep warm with a lambswool scarf

Snow may look nice, rain may be essential for crops and wind may be used for power but we’re yet to find a useful reason the cold. So here is how to combat those chilly days.

My one tip for winter menswear is to invest in a top quality blue flannel blazer cut in British worsted flannel. It makes for a very versatile winter investment piece, and in an elegant cut can go anywhere and do anything. Furthermore, the soft texture and handle of flannel feels very luxurious and comforting and because flannels are heavily milled, they have an attractive glossy finish, and are great for insulating the wearer against the cold winter wind!
Aleksander CvetkovicThe Student Tailor

Invest in a good lambswool scarf. Never leave home without it. Not only for the practicality of keeping you warm, but so often we are concerned with covering up during the winter months, we hide away our style and personality. A pop of colour or a bold patterned scarf will break up an overcoat or suit and add some warmth and life. Look after your lambswool scarf as you would a sweater and it will last season after season.
Ian MegrathRogues and Brogues

For an elegant and timeless look for the season, invest in a double breasted blazer. Worn the right way, it can be incredibly flattering and fashion forward. Worn with smart denim and with a T shirt as opposed to a shirt, makes it a versatile and rakish addition to your winter wardrobe.
Tajinder HayerThe Rakish Gent

And a little bit more from Well Dressed Dad …

It’s all about wool now. Thick wool, thin wool, mono and multicolour. Finely knit and coarsely knit.

Staying stylish

SW Fishermans Jumpers wool

The epitome of winter warmth
Source: Samuel Windsor Fishermans Jumpers

It’s often hard to stay warm, dry and stylish but with these next few tips, you can look smart and stay cosy.

My tip for winter is ‘invest’. Invest in great quality, be it shoes, overcoat knitwear or trousers. Invest in good dry cleaning. Don’t leave a winter stain until spring. Invest in your shoes and keep them waxed and polished. Also dressing for comfort in cold weather should always be smart. Don’t wear ski-wear in the city.
DerekThe Style Derektory

You don’t need polar expedition coats when going to the office in winter. Invest in a quality wool coat.
Tip number 70 of 101The Mitchelli

We’re always big fans of tweed, but this winter we’ll be wearing our tweed trousers out and about. Wearing tweed in formal settings is always a winner but we also admire the contrast of dressing them down with casual shoes or trainers.
Martin and coKeep Fronting

So with these top tips you should be able to stay warm, stylish and not be afraid of snow. If you have any more tips you want to share with us, then send us a tweet or leave a comment.

Movember style inspirations

It’s Movember – the month of moustache growing for men’s health awareness.

If you’re a ‘Mo bro’ – a member of the brethren, adorning your top lip for charity, you’ll probably be going through the itchy stage by now. So here’s a little food for thought to take your mind of that top lip tickle. What are you going to wear with your burgeoning tea strainer?

To give you some ideas, here we take a look at the men’s fashions that have followed the evolution of the mo’.

19th Century Renegade

hristo botev

A high collar and bow are must have pieces for this look
Source: Unknown author / Public domain

If you’re partial to a bit of steampunkery, you’ll no doubt relish the prospect of cultivating a spectacular Victorian style moustache, beard combo. But did you know that in the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign, moustaches and beards were frowned upon as the indulgence of revolutionaries? It wasn’t until the 1860s that facial hair became the must have accessory for the self respecting gent.

Pictured above is the Bulgarian rebel and national hero, Hristo Botev. To emulate the great man, you’ll have to practise beetling your brow and glaring with revolutionary zeal. Being throttled by your high starched collar and bow tie will probably help. This is a good look for those with luxuriant hair.

First World War Officer

Poppy field

Team with a poppy and wear with pride
Source: John Beniston (Palmiped) / CC BY

From 1860 to 1916 it was compulsory for British army officers to wear a moustache. The facial hair was seen then as a symbol of maturity, virility and manliness. The rule was relaxed in 1916 due to the difficulty hair causes in getting a good seal on a gas mask.

Other sources suggest the rule was dropped because it was so roundly ignored in the muddy misery of the trenches.

More poignantly it’s been suggested that as the war progressed, the age of young officers fell significantly. Eventually, those leading their men over the top were only capable of growing a smudge of down on their top lips. Perhaps it’s worth considering wearing a poppy with your mo’.


Sammy Davis Jr

Sammy Davis Jr and his pencil moustache
Source: Allan warren / CC BY-SA 

If you’re partial to swing, you could do worse than emulate the moustachioed look of 1960s brat pack member, Sammy Davis Junior.  Along with fellow entertainers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, he was the very epitome of chic. Well known for their excesses, members of the brat pack nevertheless took their work as professional entertainers extremely seriously – an assertion borne out by their impressive output of records, films and live shows.

And with those smooth sounds, razor sharp suits and quality shoes, boy have the rat pack stood the test of time. To stand any chance of emulating Sammy Davis Jnr – the so called ‘Mister Show Business’ – you’ll have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, which means keeping your pencil moustache trimmed to perfection.

All Action Hero

Moving onto the 1970s and moustaches got considerably bushier. With his rugged good looks and trademark ‘chevron’ moustache, Burt Reynolds is probably the world’s finest exponent of the 70s ‘tache. Showing his age these days, the 77 year old actor has recently suffered failing health and a somewhat ‘iffy’ facelift.

But in his heyday, films like Deliverance, Gator and Smokey and the Bandit, made Reynolds a household name. If you want to ape his look opt for denim shirt and stetson, or as seen here, a button down shirt and leather jacket. Now that’s 70s cool.

Wear with Pride

Tom Selleck’s moustache is famous
Image: photo by Alan Light / CC BY

Fashions come and go – and we’re still waiting for the renaissance of the moustache in popular fashion. Perhaps the last time the ‘face ferret’ was in vogue was the 1980s. Freddie Mercury was never without one and Eddie Murphy frequently sported one. But perhaps the era’s most glorious soup strainer belonged to the American actor, Tom Selleck, star of the smash hit TV series, Magnum PI.

Set in Hawaii, the star of the series is Selleck’s beach bum private investigator, Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV. He’s a sleuth with a penchant for aloha shirts and deck shoes – a good look but perhaps suitable only for Mo Bro’s planning a late autumn sun holiday.

Fancy joining in? Head over to the Movember website and find out more.