Chelsea boots, sideburns and vespas — mod fashion never fades

If there’s one thing we’ll always remember from the 2012 London Olympics, it’s the impressive sideburns of cycling golden boy, Bradley Wiggins.

Which just goes to show — mod fashion never fades. Yes, it may be decades since the heights of mod culture, but mod fashion is still having a say. Just take a look.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

The mod empire needed a sturdy, but stylish boot to stand up to the battles and bashes of the day, and Chelsea boots fitted the bill. Built to last, flexible and with an iconic look, Chelsea boots remain as fashionable as ever.



Vespa – the preferred mode of mod transport
Source: Metesmiedo

There’s always a place for retro items in the fashion sphere and the nippy Vespa (which means wasp in Italian) is a must-have item around the busy streets of a city. Not only is it cool and practical, but you’ll get a buzz speeding through the traffic jams.


paul weller

Paul Weller
Source: Christian Bertrand /

Like the rock n’ roll quiff and the punky Mohican, the classic short fringe and long sides of the mod-cut still has a cutting edge (ahem) feel to it in the music scene and remains the snip of choice for many famous front men.

Pin badges

raf pin badge

The mod adopted RAF pin badge
Source: Leo Reynolds

Like soldiers wearing their stripes, mods wear their RAF pin badges with pride. These distinctive badges have become iconic brands in their own right and if any of the cool kids currently reliving the styles of the 1980’s have an eye for detail, then they’ll get their pin badges sorted.

Bradley Wiggins

Like some sort of cycling Samson, rumour has it that those furry pork chops are the key to this super Olympian’s success. Whether concrete or codswallop, you can’t deny that Bradley’s sideburns could inspire a whole new generation of mods. And that is a RAF roundel on his helmet.


The Who

The Who
Source: Tony Di Messi

And let’s not forget the music. With iconic bands like The Who, The Jam and The Kinks constantly being rediscovered by new audiences, the stylized-punk feel of the mod sound is alive and kicking and continues to inspire new bands.

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Cheryl Cole says mens shoes have the X Factor

The sultry pop starlet told the Daily Mirror: ‘When I meet a guy I check out his smile, his eyes and then his shoes’.

Gorgeous Cheryl has even described men’s shoes as the ‘deal-breaker’.

And it’s not just glamorous pop stars who look at shoes to size up the opposite sex – it’s something we all do instinctively.

Whether you’re looking for love or just want to look your best, here are some mens shoes that will give you the X Factor:


classic brown brogues

Classic brown brogues

If your shoes tell the story of your inner character, let them shout sophisticated, classy and versatile.

Brogues are a British classic and black brogues look as good teamed with a smart suit as their brown cousins do with your favourite jeans.

Chelsea boots

chelsea boots

British Chelsea boots

Another British fashion staple, the chelsea boot is a little more daring than the brogue.

Wearing chelsea boots shows you have a wild side, enjoy looking fashionably retro and can do all of this whilst looking sharp, sharp, sharp!



Laid back loafers

If you’re relaxed, stylish and easy going, then you’re definitely a loafer man.

So what else does this gentlemanly slip-on say about you? Italianesque, elegant and smooth, loafers show you’re as cool as Fonzarelli.



Summer sandals

On those rare days of summer sun, only a sandal will do. Hot feet will leave you flustered and covered toes look plain odd in balmy weather.

It goes without saying that you’ll have to prep your pinkies before slipping them into sandals, however, and never, ever team with socks!

Remember – the shoes you put on should be worn with pride. Indeed, men’s shoes should be the icing on the sartorial cake. Give a little thought to your shoes and you will walk tall, confident in the knowledge that you look good from head to toe. And it’s that confidence that will give you the X Factor.

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Mad mens suits in movies

Every good movie has its hero, but it’s really the colourfully crazy characters, which we never forget.

And when they’re insanely unhinged or crazy in the coconut, there’s nothing quite like a mad man’s suit to show off their derangement.

Here’s some of the maddest mens suits from the movies.

Mad Hatter

funky suit mad hatter

Mad hatter with his freaky hair and funky suit

The Alice in Wonderland story has lasted the test of time and one of the stars of the surreal tale is the Mad Hatter. Throughout time, the character’s suits have been recreated over and over again, but the fantastically funky suit worn by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s latest offering is certifiably MAD!

The Mask

yellow suit mask

The Mask’s mental yellow suit and matching hat

Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss is transformed into a manic super-hero when he wears a mysterious mask. That’s a manic super-hero who wears a ridiculously yellow suit. Making him look like a cross between a pimp and a clown, which is a weird mix if you think about it. The suit is actually quite cool though.

Willy Wonka

velvet suit willy wonka

Willy Wonka wearing his velvet suit and bonkers bow tie

Somebody who lives in a large chocolate factory surrounded by strange orange-faced dwarves is going to be a little eccentric or just completely bonkers. And a bonkers man needs a bonkers suit so Willy Wonka gets given a huge dose of velvet.

Saturday Night Fever

white suit john travolta

Raving mad dance moves need a super-fly white suit

Responsible for raving mad dance moves in discos around the world, John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever knows how to get down and boogie. And if you’re the king of the disco floor, then only a superfly white suit with crazy flares and collars will do.

The Joker

vintage suits joker

The Joker sporting one of his vintage suits

Many would award the late and great Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Night with the accolade of the insanest villain in movie history. Such an accolade is going to require one hell of a wardrobe and he doesn’t disappoint with a collection of vintage suits throughout the movie. Think ringmaster meets professor meets psycho clown.

Nutty Professor

fat mens suit

Fat suits are only for the mad and Eddie Murphy

Professor Klump’s attire isn’t that nutty really, but the fat suit worn by Eddie Murphy is pretty loco and transforms him into a fatty, fruitcake professor who is quite literally larger than life. For all the doubters, a fat suit worn by a man is technically a man’s suit.

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