From Chelsea boots to buns – The Only Way is Chelsea

Lounging comfortably in a well-kept area of West London is the affluent suburb of Chelsea.

Renowned for it’s wealth, glamour and the designer playground known as the Kings Road, Chelsea translates in Olde English to ‘landing place’.

And you have truly landed on your feet if you can afford to live in Chelsea — as past and present residents including Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and The Beatles will testify.

Although the suburb’s style and history can be enjoyed by everybody, thanks to these five fantastic things from Chelsea:

Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots

Chelsea boots - Chelsea's most stylish export

Arguably Chelsea’s most stylish export, Chelsea boots were first created by those clever Victorians. Traditionally made of leather and elasticated around the ankle, these jodhpur-type boots are easily characterised by their elastic gussets running down the sides. As well as being sold around the globe, Chelsea boots were also worn by the universe-conquering stormtroopers of Star Wars.

Chelsea Flower Show

Blooming marvelous! This five day festival held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea was first held in 1833 and is quite possibly the finest flower show in the world.

Chelsea Pensioners

The traditional scarlet uniform and black tricorne hat worn by the Chelsea Pensioners has become an iconic sight around London. All former members of the British Army, the Chelsea Pensioners can often be seen at notable calender events proudly displaying their medals.

Chelsea Football Club

Founded in 1905, Chelsea FC play their football in the English Premier League and have been champions four times. Owned by the billionaire Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, Chelsea are one of the richest clubs in the world as demonstrated by their recent purchase of Fernando Torres for £50million.

Chelsea Buns

A type of currant bun rolled into a spiral shape and decorated with brown sugar, cinnamon and glazed, the Chelsea bun was first created in the 18th century and can be found in bakeries around the world.

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Musical mens shoes

The humble shoe is arguably one of humanity’s finest inventions; so no surprise then there’s been numerous songs dedicated to our trusty footwear for decades.

Here’s five of the finest mens shoes songs we could find — each one sung from the sole (sorry).

These Boots are Made for Walking – Nancy Sinatra

Sexy, sultry and still ultra cool nearly 50 years since it was first released, this tune embodies the swagger and style of the sixties. Written by country singer Lee Hazelwood, ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ was an enormous worldwide hit for Nancy Sinatra in 1966.

Blue Suede Shoes — Elvis Presley

‘Step in my face, Steal my car … Burn down my house. But don’t you, step on my blue suede shoes!’ warned Elvis Presley — now that’s commitment to the humble shoe! The king enjoyed major worldwide success with this monster hit written by Carl Perkins and inspired by a Johnny Cash remark after he heard somebody shout the warning, ‘Hey don’t step on my blue suede shoes’, whilst queueing in a canteen.

Boogie Shoes — KC & The Sunshine Band

Kings of disco, KC & the Sunshine Band never left home without their boogie shoes. First released as a single in 1978 to average sales, the song turned to gold around the globe when it appeared on the soundtrack for the movie: Saturday Night Fever. Nice one Tony Manero.

Goody Two-Shoes — Adam Ant

Prince Charming himself Adam Ant, released Goody Two-Shoes in 1982. A No.1 hit in the UK and Australia, the song gave an insight into the star’s increasing frustration living under the spotlight. Check his moves out in the video and also his bright yellow boots!

New Shoes — Paolo Nutini

A new entry in the Shoe Singles Chart by the talented Mr Nutini. Released in 2007, New Shoes became the song that most people with a radio couldn’t stop humming.The song explores the joys of buying new shoes — a joy many of us are familiar with.

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Women in mens shoes

From grandad shirts to boyfriend jeans, women just won’t leave our clothes alone. We’ve got to admit, girls often do men’s clothes more justice, wearing them with daring and verve and looking, somehow, just better.

Mens shoes have also come under the covetous gaze of women. Styles once deemed masculine are now jauntily sported on feminine feet. Be thankful if your feet are large and the lady in your life is petite of foot…if you’re not so blessed, hide your best pair – quick!

Cowboy boots

cowboy boots

Women in cowboy boots
Photo by fPat

OK, so we might fancy ourselves looking cool as the Marboro Man in faded jeans and cowboy boots, but in all truth the end look is probably more ‘underpaid extra from Bonanza’.

The boot’s highish heel which, in the saddle, helps prevent the foot sliding forward through the stirrup, can make a man look desperate for the extra inches when treading the pavement. But from country belles to rock chicks, cowboy boots on girls just work.

Air-cushioned sole boots

doc martens

Women in air-cushioned soles
Photo by Lorena Cupcake

These leather boots with springy, air-cushioned soles were introduced into Britain in the 1960s. They soon became popular with youth subcultures and have been favoured through the decades by skinheads, punks, goths and emos.

Whilst still seen on the feet of the most angst-ridden/angry of young souls – both male and female – the bright colours and pretty floral prints of the ladies’ styles also make them a cheeky choice for cheerier personalities.



Women in espadrilles
Photo by TPWP

First worn by Catalan foot soldiers in the fourteenth century, these rope-soled canvas shoes screamed back into fashion in the 1980s, when Don Johnson teamed them with baggy linen suits in hit show, Miami Vice.

Reminiscence is a fine thing, but the days of rolling up the sleeves of your pastel coloured suit are long gone, gentlemen. And whilst we would never tell you what to wear, really, these shoes for men are best left to the ladies – don’t you think?

Baseball boots

baseball boots

Women in baseball boots
Photo by Abraham Gómez

These canvas shoes with rubber soles have been adored over the years by baseball and basketball players, rockers and skateboarders alike. They’re comfy, slouchy and look coolest when they’ve adopted that worn-in, nonchalent look.

Every girl in the know wants a pair. Teamed with a dress or skinny jeans, they’re a slice of Americana that bluffs: What this outfit? Oh, it’s just something I threw on this morning.



Women in wellies
Photo by Steven Lilley

We wear them for gardening, fishing and grotty days on the beach – wellies serve a purpose and we wear them with that purpose in mind. Whilst women wear wellies for all of the above, they also get away with wearing them in a more glamorous fashion.

The designer welly came into its own during muddy music festival weekenders. Today wellies are worn by women for many occasions from soggy shopping days to wet weddings.



Women in brogues
Photo by Aliwin

Brogues are a timeless staple of the classic male wardrobe. They’re elegant, smart and seemingly always on trend. Indeed, there’s no excuse not to own a pair and wear them with pride.

It’s not surprising, then, that women want in on the action. Indeed, stylish celebrities like Sienna Miller and Agnyess Deyn are partial to a pair of brogues. But there’s still hope for us men. If you and your brogues want to keep up to date, just remember – brown is the new black.

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