I’ve got Chelsea boots like Jagger

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots rock

One of the wildest and most charismatic men to walk the planet, Mick Jagger has been at the top of rock n’ roll for decades.

The ultimate frontman with bags of energy, not only does he sing amazing songs, Jagger knows how to dress too.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration and want to impress with a new look, here’s the head to toe guide of getting dressed up — Jagger style.


Starting with the toes, there can be only one contender when it comes to choosing an iconic, timeless shoe that is as popular today as it was back in the day — much like Mick jagger.

Chelsea boots rock, and if they’re good enough for Jagger to wear as he struts around on stage like a Little Red Rooster, then say no more.


Mick hasn’t exactly got the legs of an Olympic sprinter, but that hasn’t stopped him wearing tight trousers — usually black jeans.

Yes a humble pair of black jeans is all you’ll need, but if you’ve only got a blue pair, paint them, black. Oh yes.


Unless you’ve been hidden in a bomb shelter for 50 years, you’ll be aware that Jagger knows how to shake it. And those gyrating snake hips have sent some female fans into a frenzy.

Mick embraces his best features of course and attracts lots of attention to his super hips by decorating with funky rockstar belts.


Jagger’s weapon of choice is usually an eye-catching jacket (sometimes smart, sometimes flamboyant), but always proper stylish.

Naturally worn with confidence and attitude. Hot Stuff.


Before Mick Jagger came along, we’re fairly sure that the word, pout wasn’t used that much. In fact his pout is almost as famous as his music, sending his sex appeal off the scale.

Of course having big lips helps with a pout, and a bit of lipstick seals the look.


Scruffy, boyish and straight from the just got out of bed category, Jagger’s thick barnet encaptures the roguish nature of the man.

Once the face of terror for the establishment, Jagger wears it the way he wants to and not even wild horses can stop him.

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BFF – Brogues, Friends Forever

When it comes to making a long lasting impression, Brogues are a step ahead of the competition and won’t let you down.

In fact brogues belong in the same category as dogs and Volkswagen cars if you’re looking for another good, reliable buddy.

Have a read of the examples below and see why leather brogues will be your Best Friend Forever (BFF).

Eye catching looks

beautiful red brogues

Beautiful brogues will impress friends AND family
Photo by: Saaleha Bamjee

With their instantly recognisable wingtips, pointed toe caps and patterned perforations, brogues are beautiful shoes.

Not only will they impress friends, hipsters and academics, but you can bedazzle your granny too.


business brogues

Brogues – footwear for the future
Photo: Samuel Windsor

Robust, hard-wearing and long-lasting, a pair of brogues can be your rock as you embark on your journey into the future.

Whether you’re down and out or strike gold, your buddy, Mr Brogue will fit in just fine and won’t leave you standing.

Mixes well

brogues social

Brogues make friends easily
Photo by: Laura Thorne

Socialising with other fashions isn’t a problem for the popular brogues, so whether it’s your Sunday best of a pair of ripped jeans, you can count on your wing man, or rather wingtip shoes to mix well and not cause a scene.


outdoor brogues

Brogues – a tough and practical walking companion
Photo by: Mikey S

Originally intended to be used as a tough walking shoe, the brogue’s recognisable features are actually meant for practical purposes.

Yes those perforations are meant for draining water if you’re walking through bogs. So if the going gets tough, you’ve got back up from your bro(gues).

Forever young

timeless brogues

Forever young with brogues
Photo by: Maegan Tintari

Modern brogues have been around for over 100 years and those vintage looks are as popular as ever today.

With a distinctively stylish appearance, there’s no reason why this timeless classic can’t be the cool shoe of choice for many years to come. Enough to put a smile on your face for decades.

Life affirming

wedding brogues

Brogues – fit for all occasions
Photo by: Just Jefa

Whether it’s a wedding, funeral or a fabulous birthday party for somebody special, brogues always be there during your big life affirming moments.

Adaptable, long-lasting and loyal, brogues are equipped with all the qualities you’ll need from a life-long friend.

There isn’t a buddy like a brogue buddy.

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Superhero suits for men

Where would a Superhero be without a trusty suit to catch the world’s attention and demonstrate unique super powers?

Ever since 1938, when Action Comics’ Superman began to save America from natural disasters and evil villains, superheroes have flown, fought crime, battled with personal weaknesses and brought splashes of colour and style to comic books with their spectacular costumes.

Here’s five of the best men’s suits for superheroes.


Superman suit

Suits for men of steel
Source: Fanpop

Superman may well have the most memorable suit of all. When humble news reporter Clark Kent enters a telephone box, he decks himself out in physique-revealing blue spandex and underpants that he wears on the outside of his suit. Superman’s superhuman strength is innate, but maybe the glorious red cape has something to do with his powers of flight.


batman suit

A black suit for a Dark Knight
Source: The Manhattan

Perhaps compensating for his lack of superpowers, Batman takes his superhero suit a step further by donning a mask in the shape of a bat’s head. The mask also conceals part of his face and heightens the mystery about this Dark Knight. And while wearing underpants over your trousers is always going to go out of fashion, black never goes out of style.


spiderman suit

Spiderman’s suit – more than muscle-hugging spandex
Source: Babble

Spiderman has a radioactive spider bite to thank for his superpowers: super strength and agility, adhesiveness and even a ‘spider sense’ that warns him of peril. His suit covers his entire body, although it doesn’t stop Mary Jane in the 2002 movie from giving him a sensual kiss. Spiderman’s suit is more than just muscle-hugging spandex: it features web shooters built into the wrists so that Spidey can swing between the skyscrapers of New York on lengths of spider silk.

Iron Man

Iron Man suit

Get a suit that shoots laser beams
Source: Indervilla

Here’s a superhero suit that does more than just reveal musculature. Iron Man’s suit is made from special powered armour, with plenty of gadgets built in. Repulsor rays fire from the palms and ‘uni-beams’ project from the chest. In fact, Iron Man is a brilliant engineer and spends his life making his suits fit for all sorts of purposes. Can Spiderman deep sea dive? Iron Man certainly can.


bananaman suit

A fruit inspired superhero deserves an exotic suit
Source: Lutin Magique

This is how Britain does superheroes. The comedy superhero Bananaman hit UK televisions in 1983 after appearing in Nutty Comics. With the help of a pet crow, Bananaman increases his superhuman strength by eating his favourite yellow fruit. Like Superman, he possesses the ability to fly and has a fetching cape – in the shape and colour of banana skin. He also manages to defeat a villain in every episode. Is this the suit that peels away from the rest of the competition?

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