Footwear Fixture: Oxfords vs Brogues

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You’re joining us live on the Samuel Windsor blog as we build up to a showdown that promises to be the greatest lace-off of the year: Oxfords vs Brogues.

This is no bare-knuckle brawl. Our classy heavyweight contenders both come with a high quality track record and excellent credentials. In one corner we have Oxfords: simple, formal shoes that exemplify elegance. In the other corner we have Brogues: versatile, stylish shoes with a colourful past.

Which of these popular men’s leather shoes will you crown the winner – Oxfords or Brogues? Your votes will decide…

Please note: The competition has now closed, but you can still vote for fun.

Tale of the tape: Oxfords

The Oxford is a classic, formal shoe that perfectly complements a suit. A staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe, Oxford shoes are defined by the immaculate, closed-lace construction that adds a veneer of refinement to any outfit.

Originating back in the 19th century, this shoe was invented by students of Oxford University who adapted traditional half-boots into the iconic silhouette of today.

It’s easy to see why many fans think the black leather Prestige Oxford Shoe is a shoo-in for this head-to-head. Just look at the support in its corner; from James Bond to Prince William – the Oxford embodies British sophistication. There’s simply no better shoe for a man to pair with his sharpest pinstripe suit.

Brogue fans have labelled the Oxford a ‘one-trick pony’. But when your trick is a knock-out blow, a dress shoe like the Oxford will always be dangerous.

Let’s size up the competition…

Tale of the tape: Brogues

The Swiss army knife of men’s shoes, a well-polished pair of brogues should never be written off.

From boardrooms to bars, these versatile shoes roll with the punches. They lend a stylish edge to your smart suit and look great with cords, chinos and moleskins – a no-brainer in your arsenal of footwear.

The practical man’s shoe of choice, brogues were originally worn by Ghillies in the Scottish Highlands. Patterns of perforated holes (known as broguing) were designed to let water seep out when working on boggy marshes. Fast forward to modern times and these perforations now play a strictly decorative role and are available in a wide range of flamboyant designs.

The shoe squaring up for today’s battle is the Prestige Davington Brogue, a rugged contemporary style that combines jazzy 20s wingtip construction with a roguish country vibe. And who is in this rebellious shoe’s corner? Prince Harry and football legend David Beckham are both here – neither gentleman afraid to stand out from the crowd.

And there we have it. It’s over to you…

Which of these popular men’s leather shoes will you crown the winner? Oxfords or Brogues? The competition has now closed, but you can still let us know your favourite shoe over on Facebook or Twitter. Follow us, and you’ll be among the first to know when we launch our next competition…




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