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Join us and our friends at Facebook!

We love to hear back from our customers. And when people take the time to send us photos and comments about what they’ve bought from Samuel Windsor, we’re doubly delighted.

So we’d like to say thank you to all our friends who take the time to comment and say downright marvellous things on our Facebook page. Our Classic Oxfords are described as “brilliant”, our style choices “fantastic”, and we ourselves as “amazing”. Gentlemen, you honour us.

We’re sharing a few of our favourite comments as a way of tipping our hat to you all. While maintaining our stiff upper lips, of course.

“They fit like a glove”

samuel windsor brogues

Image source: Mark Brown/ Facebook
You should never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

We’re so pleased at how many of you are happy with the fit and feel of our clothes and accessories. Tailored quality is pretty much our raison d’etre. So Dan Roberts’ comments about his new shoes make our day:

“I’m delighted with them. Comfortable from the moment I put them on!”

And Ian Jones said that his Samuel Windsor shoes “fit like a glove.” In fact, Ian went on to say that being comfortable was just the tip of the iceberg:

“As a diabetic I was advised, by my podiatrist, to buy only well fitting shoes. I have bought two pairs from SW and both pairs fit like they were hand lasted for me.”

There you have it, gents. Samuel Windsor: good for your wardrobe, good for your health.

“Absolute bargain”

tan samuel windsor brogues

Image source: Jermemy Baker/Facebook

Everyone has their own secrets for snappy dressing on a budget. Ross Atkinson shares his: “buy Samuel Windsor shoes.” Hear, hear!

And Jeremy Baker would agree: “Absolute bargain. Why wouldn’t you order?” Good question! Looking this good shouldn’t be out of anyone’s budget.

Make ‘em shine!

shiny samuel windsor shoes

Image source: Rich Gregson/ Facebook
You can almost see your reflection in these perfectly polished shoes.

Every man needs – nay, deserves – a pair of dapper, shiny shoes. They’re a power accessory. The equivalent of a red tie or a perfectly crisp pocket square – for your feet.

So getting the perfect shine is important to us. As it is to Alan Boyd, a former guardsman who knows the value of shoes that make you stand to attention. He’s got:

“One black pair, one brown… they are really great to polish… [And] really comfortable because of the ½ sizes.”

military grade shine

Image source: Alan Boyd/ Facebook
Alan Boyd’s amazing shoe-shining skills come to the fore!

Kieran O’Malley agrees, saying: “They come up like glass because of the quality leather.”

There’s nothing like a bit of spit and polish to get your shoes looking top-notch (although you can use water if you’re in refined company).

“Excellent quality, excellent service”

samuel windsor care label

Image source: Gareth Williams/ Facebook
We take great pride in our handmade shoes

In today’s fast-paced world, there are some things that should always take time: mixing the perfect martini, a good game of golf, and, of course, making shoes.

Taking the time to craft a pair of Oxfords or Brogues by hand from quality materials is the only way to go in our humble opinion. And it looks like lots of you agree!

Gareth Williams‎ said:

“I personally want to thank you for the great memorable service, the small touches go a long way. Hand made! Quality Leather! Thick sole! … will definitely be returning. Please thank the person who made my pair.”

We’re happy you liked them!

And it seems we’re simpatico with Majed Saad who gets that great things are made to last:

“Most elegant pair I ever had. Bought 2 pairs 8 years ago and they still look stylish. I love them. Wearing one today in the burgundy. Beautiful.”

But there is one thing that shouldn’t take time and that’s delivery of your new Samuel Windsor pieces, as Paul Williams knows:

“Ordered these Xmas eve they came the following Wednesday. Excellent service excellent quality shoes – recommend all day long. Well happy.”

Plus, we understand that with great products comes great responsibility to provide great customer service. So thanks to Jonathan Lankester who said ours was “superb” and gave us 11/10.

And the crowd goes wild for…

samuel windsor chelsea boots

Image source: Steve Blake/ Facebook
Casually style Chelsea Boots with jeans

Having spent a while luxuriating in your comments, it’s clear that there’s a lot of love for our Chelsea Boots.

The Samuel Windsor Chelsea boots are out again” says Steve Blake (pictured above). “Rocking them with dark jeans, Joules shirt and a French connection tweed coat!!!” We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Rocking them you are, sir.

And ‎Mark McAuley‎ comments: “Brown Suede Chelsea Boots arrived today. They just ooze class. Can’t wait to wear them. Thank you!

You’re welcome, gentlemen. And thank you for wearing them so well.

See you in the comments!

We’re really happy that so many of you keep returning to shop at Samuel Windsor, like Paul Burnett:

“Just received my 3rd pair of shoes and once again the quality and standard of craftsmanship is outstanding. I have recommended these to all who ask. Great product, great service.”

‎And Mark Brown, who says: “Excellent workmanship, style and value, I continue to be enormously impressed by Samuel Windsor!”

Chaps, colour us flattered. So please accept our thanks. And come see us again on our Facebook page.

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