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Samuel Windsor Mens Seasonal Clothing Guide - HeaderLook great and stay comfortable all year long with this seasonal guide to dressing for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here, we show you how to choose fabrics, colours and styles to help you slip effortlessly from season to season. 

What to wear in spring

Samuel Windsor's guide on how to dress in spring for men

How to dress in spring
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The season of bright sunshine and sharp showers, spring in the UK takes you from the cool month of March, through to the sunny uplands of May. You need a wardrobe that’s warm and waterproof but gives you the option to remove layers when the sun comes out. Your spring wardrobe is one of contrasting separates – light, warm and breathable.

Keep those winter boots and rugged brogues on standby, but as the season creeps ever closer to summer, switch to lightweight loafers. Swap your wool socks for cooler cotton as the weather warms up, and change winter-weight trousers to cotton chinos. Choose navy, chocolate or wine for March, and lighten your colours as the evenings grow longer. By May, you should be into tans, light greys and blues.

Spring calls for crisp fabrics that mimic the fresh feel of the season. A well-pressed white cotton shirt perfectly balances a navy blazer and chinos.

What to wear in summer

Samuel Windsor's guide on how to dress in summer for men

How to dress in summer
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Your summer wardrobe is all about comfort in the heat, with the option of adding layers to keep you warm when the sun goes down or the weather changes for the worse. That’s why a jacket and shirt combination works so well. Go for a linen shirt with a seersucker jacket over, or opt for a cotton weekend shirt and wear a twill jacket on top – the extra weight of the cotton fabric is great for those days when the sun shines but the breeze has a chill edge.

Chinos, shorts or linen trousers? All are great options for summer, but if you’re wearing shorts do remember the golden rule: never wear socks and sandals, but do wear them with your loafers or deck shoes – the invisible kind look best.

Breathability is your watchword for summer – from seersucker and linen layers to your deck shoes, moccasins or sandals – choosing options that allow air to circulate next to your skin will help you keep your cool when those about you lose theirs.

What to wear in autumn

Samuel Windsor's guide on how to dress in autumn for men

How to dress in autumn
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Autumn has to be one of our favourite seasons. It really brings out the best in menswear – think rugged, tactile fabrics that keep you snug when the air starts to nip. And on those crisp, bright days when the sun shines, layers are the best way to stay comfortable while you rake leaves or enjoy a brisk walk.

We love tweed for autumn. This most traditional of fabrics hails from the remote Scottish Highlands and Islands, but these days, you’ll find it used everywhere from ladies’ handbags to men’s brogues. Choose from russets and deep browns, to moss, heather and slate blues – perfect colours to wear during the autumn.

The perfect season for a Tattersall shirt – you’ll find yourself reaching for it time and again. A classic shirt featuring a tasteful check, its soft brushed cotton feel is what makes it stand out. Want to add another layer to your shirt and tweed jacket? Slip on a matching tweed waistcoat or a sleeveless jumper.

Keep the tactile theme going with a pair of cord trousers and you’re nearly there – now all you need is a pair of shoes capable of dealing with the best and worst of autumn weather. Our choice? Brogues. Not only do these smart casual shoes look stunning, their decorative perforations add pattern and texture to complement the rest of your autumn look.

What to wear in winter

Samuel Windsor's guide on How to dress in winter for men

How to dress in winter
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It’s time to batten down the hatches in preparation for the long slog that is a British winter. Cold, damp mornings, freezing rain, sleet and snow – and yes, the occasional crisp cold sunshine that makes you glad to be well wrapped up, and outside.

The trick to staying comfortable throughout the winter is dressing for the weather. Heading outdoors? Think flat cap, soft lambswool scarf and overcoat – a soft jacket like a car coat or field jacket works best with a more casual ensemble. Want to keep toasty indoors? A great smart casual option includes a tactile cord jacket and twill shirt. Add a cashmere-mix jumper if it’s cold enough to require another layer, and this outfit nails it.

The soft, brushed finish of moleskin trousers is a great way to keep warm through the coldest months. Go for boots to deal with anything the winter can throw at you – our favourites are smart Oxford leather boots or, for the man about town, Chelsea boots are a must.

Armed with our guide to dressing for the season, you’ll sail through the best and worst of the British weather in classic style and comfort. Check out the full infographic below for a quick recap:

Mens Seasonal Clothing Guide - Samuel Windsor

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