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Follow sartorial advice from these fashionable gents
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Maintaining an effortlessly classic look is harder than you might think. But with help from these excellent men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs, you can sit back with your morning coffee, read up, and keep your finger on the fashion pulse. 

Grey Fox

David from Grey Fox wearing a vintage jacket

Grey Fox mixes vintage with new to create a look that’s all his own
Image source: Grey Fox

I found a whole new source of style that I hadn’t explored before,” says David Evans of Grey Fox Blog. He’s talking about vintage apparel and, for him, denim in particular. He argues that, “buying vintage is also about the thrill of the hunt and ending up with a piece that is well-made and often unique.” It’s also about combining the new with the old to create a look that’s both sustainable and dazzlingly original.

With a focus on the over 40s, Grey Fox is a dapper dresser who loves to choose his pieces with care. You’ll also find plenty of grooming advice here too. Ever one to seek out high quality, boutique products, you’ll love David’s interview with Kalabash Bodycare’s Sharron Jenkins: “I now use her lemongrass and marigold artisan soap instead of my usual shower gel as it leaves a beautifully fresh citrus scent.”

Michael 84

Michael from Michael 84 wearing a striped tshirt and white jeans

Michael shows you how to style your denim
Image source: Michael 84

Can you rock double denim? Which trousers should you wear with your denim jacket? Is it OK to wear a smart shirt under denim? Michael answers all these questions and more in his comprehensive article, ‘What to wear with a denim jacket’. Hint – doing double denim depends on matching your fades.

Michael 84 is the brainchild of Michael Adams from Newcastle. He says: “This is my corner of the Internet where I share my passion, thoughts and tips on topics such as style, clothing, grooming, travel, tech and most things every guy likes.” Want to try the latest trend for white jeans? Michael shows you how to create a knockout ensemble around them.

Fashion Beans

Rack of corduroy trousers from Samuel Windsor

Learn how to spice up your trouser choice with the guys from Fashion Beans
Image source: Samuel Windsor

It’s easy to simply plump for your tried-and-tested…black jeans for the umpteenth time, but there’s a whole wardrobe full of top-notch trews that’ll look just as slick given half the chance,” say the guys at Fashion Beans. If you’d like to find out which 12 modern trouser styles every man should own, this is the place to find out how to add cords, chinos, linen and wool trousers to your regular mix of favourites.

Fashion Beans is one of the web’s favourite men’s fashion blogs – and with good reason. Not only does it feature all the latest trends, it also gives you the lowdown on classic clothes, grooming, hair, lifestyle and more. Anyone for a moustache? Fashion Beans presents all the different styles, ranked.

Rogues and Brogues

Ian from Rogues and Brogues wearing a denim overshirt

Rogues and Brogues’ Ian sporting his contemporary classic look
Image source: Rogues and Brogues

When it comes to clothes, are you a bit of a hoarder? Ian of Rogues and Brogues is. He says, “I always want to explore and expand my sense of style but how can I do this when I am stuck in a wardrobe vicious-cycle?” That’s why, each year, Ian and partner Caelan grab some bin liners, bite the bullet and get stuck in. It hurts, says Ian, but an empty wardrobe invites exciting new purchases.

Fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it,” says Ian – his blog will help you with both. Speaking of style, why spend your life squinting at your mobile phone like everyone else? Take a leaf from Ian’s book, and supplement screen time with some old fashioned – yet utterly charming – analogue time? His Traveler’s Company notebook is a beauty.

The Forty Something Man

The Forty Something Man holding kids exercise books in lockdown

Graeme believes in looking good, even when working from home
Image source: The Forty Something Man

Working from home? Graeme, The Forty Something Man, explains how maintaining a well-put-together look helps you feel calm and focused. As he says, “a shirt can never be wrong. [But] it can be dialled down from the formality of the office shirt to something a bit softer and relaxed.” Graeme suggests a button down Oxford shirt or a linen option for warm summer days.

I believe anybody can be stylish, no matter their starting point or age. It’s never too late for a man to look great and take pride in his appearance,” Graeme says. A man who practises what he preaches, you’ll find plenty of style inspiration here. Looking for a casual style for over 40s? Ian devotes an entire category to wardrobe essentials for you.

Ape to Gentleman

Photo of Chris Beastall - founder of Ape to Gentleman

Chris Beastall, founder and editor of Ape to Gentleman
Image source: Ape to Gentleman

Forget fast fashion, invest in quality – this method will not only preserve a timeless style but save you money in the long run.” Wise words from Chris, founder of Ape to Gentleman, the menswear site that gives you all the knowhow you need to be a discerning dresser. It’s also the first of his ten commandments of menswear. Check out his post for more pearls of wisdom.

Dedicated to timeless yet contemporary style, intelligent living, and value,” this site brings you all the latest from the worlds of style, grooming, haircare and more. Looking for the best hand sanitisers, creams and cleansers for men? Ape to Gentleman has the answers.

Clothes Make The Man

Man wearing a suit jacket and tie and pyjamas bottoms

Suited but perhaps not booted, for online job interviews
Image source: Elnur/Shutterstock

How should you dress for an online job interview? An increasingly pertinent question, Anthony McGrath from Clothes Make The Man says, “a lack of physical presence doesn’t imply that you should let your guard down. If you’re interviewing for a managerial role, then you should be dressed to suit that particular portfolio.” Check out the post for more style cues to help you make the ideal first impression.

If you’re looking for a fashion blog which caters exclusively for ‘everyday’ fellows, this is the site for you. The content is invariably timely, relevant, and is guaranteed to help you project an effortless sense of style. Need some basic advice on the noble art of ironing a shirt? Clothes Make the Man has some top tips.

Dapper Chapper

Sunglasses, note book and a bow tie

Learn how to pick the perfect sunglasses to suit your face shape
Image source: An Natalia/Shutterstock

A stylish pair of sunglasses is high on the must-have agenda for most of us,” says Adam Tanous of Dapper Chapper. But you don’t need to break the bank to pocket a pair. With the research muscle of this top men’s fashion and lifestyle blog behind you, you get an eclectic mix of brands from across Europe and further afield. Swedish brand, Beatnik, for example, offers polarised lenses, chic design, and affordable pricing.

Dapper Chapper is a treasure trove of interesting fashion finds, destinations, lifestyle and grooming suggestions. Into watersports? You’ll love the Dapper Chapper’s review of the stylish SEVENFRIDAY Beachclub watch – waterproof to 10ATM it’s ideal for “a fun day at the beach, an adrenaline-packed afternoon on the water or alternatively a meal with friends.”

We hope you enjoyed our collection of men’s fashion blogs. We’re always on the hunt for more men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs to explore. If you come across a good one, do let us know. Just drop us a line via our Facebook page.

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