What to look for in a velvet jacket

Model 4 wearing Wine Velvet Jacket from Samuel Windsor

Dine in style with velvet.
Image: Wine Velvet Jacket from Samuel Windsor

When looking for a new velvet jacket you should look for quality, colour, versatility, and most importantly clothing to complement your sophisticated style.

Velvet is synonymous with luxury – good velvet should have a high shine, a deep pile, and a soft finish. This will help you distinguish it from cheaper fabrics that won’t wear as well or won’t have the same quality as proper velvet, such as velour and velveteen.

Here are some tips for finding the right velvet jacket to suit your style.

Colour is everything

Burgundy velvet jacket

Make a statement in burgundy.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

The most important thing to think about when choosing your velvet jacket is the colour. Brighter, bolder colours may not always be a brilliant look, no matter how much of a good idea they seem at the time.

Darker colours are a much safer option, keeping your look sophisticated and classy. The classic black velvet jacket is an obvious long lasting choice, but if you want to add a bit more colour to your look then a navy, deep purple, wine red or even a moss green is a pretty safe bet.

Whichever colour you go for, it’s best to choose one that goes with the same style as your current wardrobe, as this will also suit your personality better.


Purple velvet jacket

Quality made to last.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Quality velvet is important if you want your jacket to have a longer lifespan. There are similar fabrics such as velour and velveteen, however these do not have the same look that quality velvet will have.

Traditional velvet is made from silk, but can also be made from fabrics such as linen and wool. True velvet will have a nice sheen to the fabric, and will drape easily.

Velveteen is an imitation fabric of velvet, and is made from cotton. This has a greater body than true velvet, but does not drape as easily and has less sheen. Similarly to velveteen, velour is mostly made from cotton however can be made from synthetic materials such as polyester.

While these imitation fabrics may be cheaper in the short term an investment in a good quality velvet jacket will pay off in the long run.

Something versatile

If you choose well, your new velvet jacket will be a versatile piece of clothing to suit any occasion and not just those black tie events. Depending on what you choose to wear with it, the velvet jacket can be a flexible wardrobe item. Something you certainly should do to take full advantage of your velvet jacket is to match it to the occasion.

For a more formal look, add a black tie or even matching velvet bow tie if you’re feeling brave enough, with some smart dinner trousers to complete the look. For a more casual do, swap these for some corduroy trousers or even a nice pair of jeans, and a white open collar shirt.

A black velvet jacket is the most versatile choice, but burgundy will give you a bold and confident appearance.

A velvet jacket that offers a slim fit without looking too tight or skimpy is a safe bet for getting a good fit.

What to wear with your velvet jacket

Corduroy trousers

Take your pick.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

A matching velvet waistcoat and bow tie is a distinguished choice for formal events. A key thing to remember when wearing your velvet jacket, is that it is normally worn with different material trouser bottoms. If you’re feeling brave enough to wear a velvet suit don’t let that rule hold you back, however for the more casual look definitely pair your jacket with different trousers.

The golden rule when it comes to velvet is that it is purely an evening do item of clothing. They are the perfect thing to wear to an evening soiree, or even a more casual dinner.

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