Lazy loafers: 7 easy style hacks

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Minimum effort required!

“It isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it,” a well-know quote with an ambiguous owner. Whoever said it clearly knew their stuff and was more stylish than Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra combined (that’s quite a lot of style in case you’re wondering).

The good news is that you don’t need to be a film star or crooner to be super stylish, you just need an eye for those small details that can make a huge difference to what clothes you already have.

Want to hack into the style secrets? Read on.

1. Polish your loafers with olive oil

Olive Oil

Image source: Marco Mayer
Forget shoe polish!

Scuffs and dirt can ruin your loafers, so try this little trick.

Using a damp cloth remove any dirt from your lovely loafers and then work a little olive oil into them with a dry cloth.

This will refresh the leather and bring out a deep shine. It’s pretty odourless and chemical free and very Mediterranean.

2. Lazy man ironing

Unless you’ve served in the military then your ironing skills are probably weak at best. The hobo look can be quite cool, but sometimes it just looks like you’ve slept in your shirt.

No problem. Just hang up your shirt on a coat hanger when you take a hot bath or shower and the steam will get rid of those creases. The lazy man’s ironing service.

3. Freezer jeans

Freezer Jeans

Image source: monkeybusinessimages
“Where did I put them?”

We know what it’s like when you really want to wear your favourite pair of jeans out for the night, but only problem is they stink because you always wear them.

No time to wash and dry them either, so just put them in the freezer (or outside if you live in Alaska or Scotland) for half hour and they won’t smell so bad when you get them out.

Just make sure you wear underwear when you get them back out as … you know.

4. Beard wax

There are beards and then there are bad beards, bad, as in good beards. So you’ve got a bush on your face – good for you, but you’ve got to maintain that bush or else it will eat up your face and dry out your skin.

Beard wax will moisturize, shape and tame that wild streak on your face and you can even twirl up a moustache if you have time in the mornings.

5. White chalk stains removal


Image source: inxti
Chalk it up.

White shoes or a white blazer can look really cool, but not if they’re messed up with marks and stains.

It can be tricky to remove the stains and most of the time you’ll just make it worse. There is a way though — chalk.

Simply rub the chalk across the affected area and brush off.

6. Baby powder oil clean

Whether you’re a petrol head that knows his way around an engine or you’re just clumsy and have spilt oil all over yourself, there is a little trick that can get the oil stains out of your clothes.

Sprinkle baby powder on the stains and leave overnight. The powder will absorb the oil. It may still need a wash, but the stains should disappear.

7. Sellotape fluff remover


Image source: Amaviael
Fluff be gone!

Fluff – what a pain in the … actually we’re not talking about the blue fluff here that collects in your nether regions, fellas.

We’re talking about white fluff and dog hairs that stick to your best jumpers.

Get some Sellotape and wrap it around your hand (sticky side out) and then move it around the hairy jumper. Boom – you’re fluff free.


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  1. Jules this is brilliant, seriously made me crack up! The olive oil polish actually sounds pretty good although I have to say i don’t think i’m lazy enough to put stick my jeans in a freezer

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