Samuel Windsor joins discount card scheme to thank blue light heroes

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Real life blue light heroes deserve a proper show of our appreciation
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In this extraordinary year, it’s become clear just how much we rely on the people running our NHS, social care and emergency services. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been there to care for us, keeping vital services running and stepping in to help whenever required. To thank all of these amazing people, we’re very proud to offer a 10 percent discount off the Samuel Windsor range, via the Blue Light Card scheme.

What is the blue light card?

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The Blue Light Card offers a wide range of discounts
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The Blue Light card is a discount scheme that’s available to people in ‘blue light’ occupations. Once you sign up you can tap into a wealth of great offers from a wide range of UK companies selling things like holidays, cars, days out, gifts, insurance and clothing. And the good news – that now includes us here at Samuel Windsor.

After you’ve logged in to your blue light account, click on the Samuel Windsor link to browse our extensive range of men’s clothes, leather shoes and accessories. Once you’ve filled your basket and proceeded to the checkout, 10 percent will be automatically deducted from your order.

Who qualifies for the scheme?

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Eligible occupations include NHS staff, police, social care and rescue workers
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While the term “blue light” probably brings to mind nurses, doctors, ambulance crews and police, the Blue Light Card benefits are also available to people working in social care, members of HM Forces, fire services, pharmacy staff, care home staff, NHS Dental services, the RNLI, the Coastguard, prison and probations services, St John Ambulance, second responders and rescue services.

To apply for a card you’ll need to provide evidence of your occupation and pay a registration charge of £4.99. Once you’re signed up your card will be valid for a full five years. Check if you’re eligible and sign up for the Blue Light Card here.

Use your discount card when shopping online

Men’s leather shoes from Samuel Windsor

Online shopping is convenient for those who work shifts
Image: Men’s leather shoes from Samuel Windsor

As an online retailer, the Blue Light Card is a particularly good fit for us here at Samuel Windsor. For blue light staff who work long hours and awkward shift patterns but need to look professional and approachable in their public-facing roles, Samuel Windsor is the perfect solution. The convenience of shopping from your laptop or mobile phone is a great way to preserve precious leisure time.

Trying on clothes and shoes in your own environment, whenever it suits you – is another really attractive option if time is of the essence. And if you’re not 100 percent happy with your purchases you can always return them – worn or unworn – within 30 days.

The sooner you join up, the sooner you benefit

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Register for your card to take full advantage of the discounts
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Becoming part of the Blue Light Card scheme is the least we can do to remind members that we appreciate everything they do for us – not just during a pandemic – but long term. So if you qualify, please do take advantage and register for your Blue Light Card here.

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