How Jeremy Corbyn could smarten up his act.

Jeremy Corbyn – at the front of political style?
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GQ magazine says Jeremy Corbyn is “the only party leader with true personal style”. The six-times winner of the “Parliamentary Beard of the Year” award is as well known for his shambolic dress sense as he is for his ‘old labour’ left-leaning politics.

But wearing what you want will only get you so far. Picture JC meeting the next President of the United states, or hobnobbing with world leaders at Davos. We think you’ll agree that while individuality is important, so is looking your best. Here we provide some timely advice for sloppy dressers. Mr Corbyn, take note – here’s how to tweak your style to be yourself and still look good.

The beard

Shaving his neck would at least sharpen up his beard
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According to Glamour Magazine, Jezzer’s is the “face of anti-glamour.” This being the case, we think it’s high time Mr Corbyn trimmed his facial fuzz. He might have won the prize for the best beard in Parliament – but just check out the competition. The SNP’s Stewart McDonald and The Tory, Stephen Crabb are hardly style icons are they?

This year, beards are shorter and neater so while we like Mr Corbyn’s beard, he could smarten up his look by removing the stubbly mess from his neck and throat and keeping the rest nice and short.

The shirts

Wot no tie? Though Mr Corbyn sports a tie at PMQs and state occasions, we’ve noticed a distinct reluctance to wear one as he goes about his day job. Corbyn’s reputation for scruffiness goes way back. When, in 1984, a reporter queried the then backbench MP’s slovenly appearance, Corbyn said:

“It’s not a fashion parade. It’s not a gentleman’s club, it’s not a banker’s institute, it’s a place where the people are represented.”

We won’t argue with that, but dressing down needn’t mean looking a mess. If you don’t wear a tie, make sure you buy a shirt that fits. Corbyn’s fashion faux pas isn’t that he prefers the open collar look, but that his collars are two sizes too big.


Jeremy Corbyn with Angela Rayner on stage

Those trousers are as flappy as they come…
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It’s surprising Jeremy Corbyn can make himself heard over the sound of his trousers flapping in the wind. The Labour leader is hardly a big man, but like many gents, we suspect he’s over optimistic about his waist size. The result is that his trousers cling to his hips below his belly and billow like sails in a force nine.

Finding men’s trousers that fit isn’t a dark art. All you need is a tape measure and a measure of honesty. Slimmer frames call for a slimmer cut but whatever style you chose, they need to fit properly around your waist. Our message to Jeremy is that there’s nothing wrong with wearing chinos – just make sure they’re the right size, and wear a belt to hold them in place.


All he needs to do is order a jacket in a size that matches his comparatively slender frame. Mr Corbyn doesn’t have the bulky shoulders to fill out a shapeless jacket. Instead, he should choose a jacket with a classic British cut – fairly fitted and with a bit of structure to the shoulders.

The shoes

Corbyn’s clearly not into dressing like a Westminster clone – a quality that fashion blog, Fabrickated thinks highly of:

“For all [Corbyn’s] dishevelled, careless [clothing] choices he is saying something striking and important. “I am authentic, I think for myself”

But while we agree being a true man of the people is important, we still think that if Mr Corbyn dislikes office wear, he should at least consider a pair of penny loafers or perhaps a nice pair of brogues. Otherwise, it won’t be his policies that attract public attention, it’ll be how he managed to find such a horrible pair of shoes.

The message for Mr Corbyn must be that while there’s nothing wrong with making your shoe selection based on comfort, just because you don’t like wearing smart Oxfords or Derbys doesn’t mean you should abandon all sense of taste.

A word about visible vests

Going way beyond casual
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We can’t guarantee dapper dressing would get Mr Corbyn into Downing Street. But we think you’ll agree, it’s better to win or lose with style.

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