How to wear sandals

Leather sandals from Samuel Windsor

Sun’s out – time your feet saw the light of day
Image source: Samuel Windsor

As the temperature rises, we all like to feel the cool breeze against our skin. A quality pair of men’s leather sandals is the stylish way to air your sun-starved feet. Here are our top tips on which sandals to go for, and how and when to wear them.

When to wear men’s sandals


Barbecues are the perfect casual setting to show off your sandals
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Let’s get one thing straight – there is a clear difference between a flip-flop and a sandal, and only one is suitable for the modern man about town.

Casual and cool, sandals are the perfect footwear for outdoor summer events like festivals, backyard barbecues and trips to the beach, and we’re also seeing an increasing number of sandals on our city streets.

While it’s usually best to avoid office settings, more relaxed workplace dress codes mean sandals are increasingly acceptable as workwear. That said, if you do sport a pair of sandals at work, make sure it’s the smart leather style with a covered toe design.

How to choose men’s sandals

leather sandals

Breathable materials like leather keep your feet feeling fresh
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A good sturdy, sandal can provide the same level of foot support as a well-fitted shoe.

Look for open versions in breathable leather to keep your feet feeling fresh, or a closed toe style for added protection and a smarter look. If you don’t have a standard fitting (either wide or narrow feet), choose a style with adjustable straps.

In terms of support, more really is more. A decent heel, arch support and padded insoles will keep you comfortable for longer, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. If you’re looking for added security in wet conditions, rubber treads are light and non-slip.

How to wear men’s sandals

sandals and socks

Even trainer socks are best avoided
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Rolled up trouser hems lend you a laidback, casual air, as well as keeping you cool on the warmest of days. But do make sure your feet look their best – as the gents at One Dapper Street say:

You don’t necessarily have to get a pedicure (though trust me, you’ll enjoy it), but at least clip your toenails and trim those unruly hairs!

The jury is still out on the socks and sandals look – fashion faux pas or homage to hygiene? Sock-style trailblazers like David Beckham go for bright colours or standout patterns with their sandals. If you’re not feeling that brazen, it’s a look best avoided.

Tempted to join the line of chaps shedding their shoes for sandals this summer? Here are four of our favourite styles.

1. Closed toe sandals

fisherman sandal

Closed toe sandals are a smart option
Image source: Fisherman’s sandals from Samuel Windsor

For a smarter look, a closed toe option, like this adjustable Fisherman’s sandal is a perfect choice. As well as looking good, this style protects your toes from heavy-footed friends and helps keep your feet cleaner to boot.

The sharpest of all sandal styles, closed toe sandals are a great alternative to mules or deck shoes, and look great with shorts or chinos.

2. Open toe sandals

open toe sandal

Leather open-toe sandals can be cool and stylish
Image source: Touch-fasten leather sandals from Samuel Windsor

We love traditional open-toed sandals. This classic style is easy to get on or off, making it perfect for the beach or a warm day in the garden.

Good quality, breathable leather is the way to go. Try pairing with stylish shorts – think tan, beige or khaki chino shorts, or perhaps a pair made from ultra-cool seersucker.

3. Slip-on sandals

slip on sandal

Stylish, yet oh-so-simple
Image source: Single cross tan leather sandals from Samuel Windsor

Slip-on sandals are ideal for poolside holidays, easy to get on and off whenever you fancy a dip or need to pop to the bar.

The most casual of all styles, simple leather sandals will last longer than canvas and look stylish all summer long.

Best paired with swim shorts, obviously, but these sandals also look great with a pair of men’s linen trousers when on holiday abroad.

4. Sports sandals

sport sandal

Fully-adjustable sports sandals
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If you’re looking for action and adventure, sports sandals can be a great addition to any wardrobe. Look for a waterproof material and soles with good tread to take you into the great outdoors.

What you wear with these depends on what you’re up to, but sports sandals certainly work with shorts or walking trousers. These sandals are designed for active-wear rather than style. If you’re not partaking in physical activity, a smart pair of leather sandals is a more dignified choice for the well-dressed gentleman.

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