How to wear pink

This lightweight seersucker jacket from Samuel Windsor is the ideal colour and fabric for travel abroad

This lightweight seersucker jacket is the ideal colour and fabric for travel abroad
Image source: Seersucker jacket in coral from Samuel Windsor

Men look great in pink, but thanks to outdated and unnecessary connotations, few consider this versatile colour worthy of their wardrobe. Here to open your eyes, we present a quick guide to looking good in every shade of this candescent colour – from salmon and coral, to fuchsia and raspberry.

How to choose the right pink

Pink cashmere-mix jumper from Samuel Windsor

Match the right shade of pink to your complexion
Image source: Pink cashmere-mix jumper from Samuel Windsor

The key to wearing pink with aplomb is to choose a tone that goes with your colouring. Light pinks suit darker complexions and darker pinks go with fairer skins. The key is to use pink to create contrast.

How to wear a pink blazer

Newbury linen blazer in pink from Samuel Windsor

A pink blazer is the perfect way to smarten up a summer outfit
Image source: Newbury linen blazer from Samuel Windsor

It takes a bold man to wear statement pieces that make him stand out from the crowd – if that’s you, the way to do it and not look like a wally is to choose wisely. In the right setting, subtle pink is an ideal way to be different without crossing the line into garish territory.

Summer is the season for pink blazers – when the sun shines, a linen or seersucker number sees you cool, calm and collected – an oasis of calm amid the overdressed, and overheated masses. A cruise, an afternoon at the cricket, a stroll through the streets of your favourite Southern European city – these are the occasions when your pink clobber comes into its own.

Wear a pink jacket with a white shirt, stone-coloured chinos, brown loafers and Panama hat. And don’t forget your sunglasses – a pair of classic Clubmasters should do the trick.

How to wear a formal pink shirt

Raspberry bengal shirt from Samuel Windsor

Go for a pink stripe if you prefer to keep it subtle
Image source: Raspberry bengal shirt from Samuel Windsor

Put pink into a business setting and it becomes a power colour projecting an aura of cool calm and confidence. It says you’re a steady pair of hands in a crisis – a leader. In fact, the guys at Real Men Real Style quote a study that revealed:

“Men who wear pink earn about $1,200 more each year than those who wear other colors!”

Fed up with your “uniform” navy suit and blue or white shirt combo? Pink is the perfect way to change things up without contravening any dress code rules. A quick look at the colour wheel reveals that pink lives almost next door to blue – that’s why this combo works; they’re complementary colours. A crisp pale pink shirt is also a great way to lift a grey suit.

Not sure you want to go for solid pink? Try a slimming stripe in a bolder hue. The alternating white stripe lessens the impact of the brighter colour while continuing to add interest to your ensemble. A raspberry striped shirt twinned with grey or blue trousers also makes a striking smart casual outfit.

How to wear pink weekend shirts

Pink checked shirts look great with indigo jeans or dark blue chinos

Pink checks look great with indigo jeans or dark blue chinos
Image source: Short sleeve Weekend Shirt in pink check from Samuel Windsor

Because pink works so well with blue, it’s a great colour to wear with indigo jeans and navy cords, moleskins or chinos. As the team at The Trend Spotter say:

“Perfect when paired with chinos or shorts, a pink short sleeved shirt appears fashionably relaxed.”

Darker pinks which edge towards the orange end of the spectrum make good winter colours, lighter pinks are for summer or for providing the contrast you need when wearing dark colours like navy, charcoal or black.

Looking for a smart casual look that works with your jeans? Try a pink check – it’s a bold choice you could also wear with deep pink or wine trousers. Alternatively, try a pink striped shirt and pair it with light coloured chinos or linen trousers – this is a great look for summer barbecues, garden parties, and of course, your summer holidays.

Speaking of holidays, if you’re heading for warmer climes, cruising or maybe just soaking up the rays in Cornwall, nothing says “I’m taking a well-earned break” like seersucker. This often overlooked dimpled fabric holds your clothes away from your skin, helping the air to circulate, keeping you cool in the sunshine. Pop on a Panama and a pair of sunglasses to look sophisticated even as you relax.

How to wear casual pink polo shirts

Dusky pink short sleeved polo shirt from Samuel Windsor

A dusky pink polo shirt is relaxed and casual
Image source: Pink short sleeved polo shirt from Samuel Windsor

Looking for something different from your casual wardrobe? The Idle Man says to try a pink tee “teamed with a pair of raw or selvedge denim jeans and a pair of desert boots for a casual spring look.” Or perhaps a pale pink polo, jumper, or cardigan with grey jeans or chinos and dark brown loafers or boat shoes. Alternatively, go for black jeans with a bold pink polo and black leather or suede loafers.

Don’t forget patterns – if you’re not sure about wearing pink as a block colour, there’s a huge range of geometrics, abstracts and prints in pink from which to choose. Wear with jeans, chinos or linen trousers and casual shoes for a funky vibe that’s youthful without going too far. Looking for sunglasses to finish the look? Wayfarers or aviators are your go-to options.

Pink is classic colour which has its place in every man’s wardrobe. Perfect for summer and wearable in winter too, it features in power-dressing business attire, summer holiday wear and vibrant casuals. Grab yourself some pink and wear it with pride.

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