How to wear burgundy shoes

Vibrant and versatile, burgundy is actually pretty easy to slip into an outfit. And a pair of stylish looking shoes isn’t a bad place to start.

Here’s a quick summary of how to wear burgundy shoes:

For strictly formal events black shoes are best, but burgundy Oxfords or monk shoes will add warmth and interest to any colour suit (except black). For a more casual look, try a pair of burgundy loafers or deck shoes matched with some cord trousers.

Want to know more about men’s burgundy shoes? Read on for all you need to know about this rich and lavish colour.

Casual wear

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One way to wear burgundy
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For more flexibility than a black shoe, look no further than burgundy. Thanks to the lighter tone, it is much more versatile. As long as you opt for complementary colours and avoid black trousers at all costs, there is a lot of room for imagination.

In winter, a pair of hard wearing cords is an ideal partner for burgundy shoes. You could even opt for a burgundy pair, but be sure to add some colourful socks to break your look up. If cords aren’t your thing, jeans or moleskin trousers would work just as well.

In the summer months you can’t go wrong with a pair of chino shorts. We think cream would be a particularly stylish choice when teamed with a pair of burgundy loafers, derbies or deck shoes. If the weather is inclement (this is the UK after all!) then opt for a pair of full length chino trousers instead.

Formal wear


Monks can be made formal

Burgundy is undoubtedly more casual than black, so if it is a very formal event, it’s best to stick with black.

However for semi-formal events, burgundy monk shoes, Oxford shoes and even Chelsea boots work well. Navy, grey, brown, blue and charcoal suits for men all compliment burgundy shoes, giving you the right amount of vibrancy, without annoying fashionistas or the dress code!

Stylish as they are, burgundy shoes aren’t as common as black, brown and tan, so be prepared to make a bold statement when you wear them.


Desert boot blue

Blue is a great foil to burgundy

If burgundy is a touch too zany for your liking, go for lighter shades of brown, such as tan. This still offers you plenty of flexibility, but is not quite as daring.

But if you really want to be cold, then why not try blue or navy shoes? While navy will calm things down, a pair of electric or French blue shoes will really stand out. Blue penny loafer, or blue suede Chukka boots are a popular choice and can look very snazzy. Just remember they’re not appropriate for formal events.

If you really love the colour burgundy, but don’t have burgundy shoes then you could go for a burgundy suit, choose burgundy accessories, or just show a flash of colour with burgundy socks.

Whatever you do, do it burgundy.

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