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Brogue boots are smart enough to wear with a suit, but they also dress down well
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Brogue boots are one of the most versatile footwear choices around. Choose black and they’re easily smart enough to wear with a suit. Go for brown and you’ll look the business in tweed. For a funky weekend vibe, twin your brogue boots with slim fit jeans or chinos and a bomber jacket. Confused? Here’s your guide to looking the business in brogue boots.



Black brogue boots make an excellent work shoe, especially in bad weather
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You want something more substantial than your standard issue Oxfords, but you’re worried about a tersely worded email or a trip to the boss’ office to be dressed down for not dressing up enough? Don’t be.

Black brogues are an excellent stand-in for your standard black work shoe – as the folks at D’Marge say, they’re “perfect with a suit”. Especially appropriate during the winter months when you need that bit of extra weather protection and foot support during your commute to work, they work best if your suit’s navy or charcoal.



Brogue boots pair beautifully with tweed
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Just like the rugged woolen cloth, brogue boots are a product of the Scottish highlands. Originally called “ghillie brogues”, the decorative holes were traditionally to allow the water to drain from the gamekeeper’s shoes as he traipsed across the mountains and glens in pursuit of grouse or deer.

It is therefore totally appropriate to twin your tweed suit with a pair of brown or black brogues. Generally, black brogue boots suit charcoals and greys, while brown boots go with reds, browns, heathers and mossy colours. That said, brown makes a nice contrast when you wear it against blue hues.

Wax jacket


The perfect pair of brogue boots for a weekend in the country
Featured: Prestige Country Boot from Samuel Windsor

Dressing for a weekend in the country, a long walk followed by a pub lunch or a day at the races? The great outdoors can be a chilly place to be, but as the late great Alfred Wainwright once said, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

We recommend you go for a soft brushed cotton tattersall shirt, cosy moleskin trousers, and a warm, rugged fisherman’s jumper topped with a quilt or wax jacket.

The soft greens, beiges and buff colours of your country getup are the perfect match for a pair of quality brogue boots in tan or brown. The guys at Fashion Beans agree. They say:

“Owing to their winter-readiness, brogue boots also play well with pieces that straddle the rugged-refined divide, such as heavy-gauge knitwear, gilets, quilted and waxed jackets.”



Suede brogue boots are timeless and smart
Featured: Prestige Suede Country Boot from Samuel Windsor

Thinking more in terms of a relaxing weekend at home? Perhaps a wander down to your local – a walk with the dog with a refreshment thrown in for good measure – well a chap has to keep his strength up doesn’t he? True, but there’s no need to look like a scruff while you chew the fat with your fellow wanderers.

Throw on a pair of toasty cord trousers, a comfy check shirt, and a cotton cashmere mix pullover or perhaps a Nordic jumper if it’s chilly out. For your feet, you’ll want a pair of brogue boots – try a suede pair – they’ll really complement the texture of your cords.



Contemporary and smart, these chelsea brogue boots are great for nights out
Featured: Prestige Chelsea Brogue Boot from Samuel Windsor

Dressing up for a night at the theatre, a musical performance or meal out with friends? Time to reach for a brogue boot with a contemporary edge. Try a pair of chelsea brogue boots and wear them with chinos.

To complete your look, why not go for a funky printed shirt worn with a lightweight cardigan. If there’s nip in the air, you won’t go wrong with a harrington jacket which keeps your silhouette long and lean.



For a youthful vibe, pair your brogue boots with a bomber jacket
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Want to feel like a bit of a lad without losing your dignity? Time to reach for a pair of black or dark brown brogue boots. Wear them with a pair of dark, indigo jeans – go for slim fit but not tight or you’ll look like an old turkey.

For your top half, we suggest a polo shirt (wear a t-shirt underneath if you’re likely to feel the cold), and a pull on a bright plaid shirt or bomber jacket. As the team at Idle Man say:

A timeless look is to pair some detailed black brogues boots with some black or navy jeans, and finish off with a bold top.”

We couldn’t have put it better. You old punk you.

How do you wear your brogue boots? We’d love to know. Just drop us a line via our Facebook page.

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