How to pack trousers and jeans

Travelling light means packing smart. Rolling casual trousers and jeans will save space in your suitcase. But formal trousers, with a crease, definitely travel best when folded. We know – we’ve tried and tested various techniques to be sure.

To pack like a professional, look at our step-by-step infographic and and see how to keep your trousers and jeans as compact and crease-free as possible.

Why roll jeans and fold trousers?

Rolling your clothes is undeniably the best way to save space, and fabrics that don’t crease easily like denim, moleskin and corduroy are ideal for rolling. Fabrics with a bit of elastane in them, like stretch jeans, are particularly travel friendly. But formal trousers, with a front crease, travel best when folded.

It’s best not to fold or roll any of your clothes straight after they’ve been ironed. Let them cool down on a hanger overnight first.

Top tip: When folding formal trousers, slip a jumper or something similar in the middle of the fold to prevent a hard crease forming across the knees. Put them in your case last.

How to pack trousers and jeans

Check out our step-by-step infographic for the best way to save space and reduce the number of travel creases in your strides.

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