How to pack a suit

Travelling with a suit? Chances are that looking smart when you arrive is likely to be more important than squeezing in an extra few t-shirts. Here’s a couple of tips to help you pack formal wear and still leave enough room in your case for everything else.

What’s the best way to pack a suit?

There are several different ways to fold and pack a suit, but we reckon we’ve found the solution that makes best use of space while keeping wrinkles at bay. We’ve already shown you how to fold trousers and smart shirts. You just need to nail this clever method for jackets and then combine the three into a neat, crease-resistant bundle.

Top tip: Lay your folded jacket and shirt inside your trousers to keep as much air as possible between the layers and prevent creases.

How to fold a suit

And if you want to embed, share or just see everything in one go here’s a handy infographic…

How to pack a suit infographic

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