How to iron trousers

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers with this video from Samuel Windsor

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Smartly pressed trousers with a crisp centre crease are essential if you’re wearing a tailored suit. While trousers can easily look wrinkled, especially if you’re caught out in the rain, it’s incredibly simple to give them a quick press and return them to pristine condition. Ironing isn’t your forte? Once you’ve watched our video and learned a few easy tricks, you’ll look razor-sharp again in no time.

Check out the short video below for some quick and easy tips on ironing trousers…

How to iron trousers – step-by-step video guide

  • The most important thing to remember is to ‘press’ your trousers rather than ‘ironing’ them. This stops them from getting shiny.
  • Lay your trousers out on a good sized ironing board.
  • Always make the crease in the front of the leg first.
  • Match up the seams inside the leg to get your crease in the right place.
  • ‘Mark’ the crease in at the bottom of the trouser leg before doing the same at the top.
  • Then, firmly ‘press’ the crease in, all the way up the front of the trouser leg.
  • When you get to the top, move the pocket bag to one side so you don’t get an imprint of it through the fabric.
  • If your trousers are flat-fronted, stop the crease about 6 inches short of the waistband.
  • Otherwise, iron all the way up into the pleat at the waistband.
  • Press in the crease at the back of the trouser leg, using plenty of steam.
  • Once you’ve made the front and back creases, simply press the remainder of the trouser leg, removing any wrinkles.
  • If you’re worried about shine, use a linen tea towel to protect the fabric.
  • Flip the trousers over and do the same on the other leg.

And that’s it – you’re done. Hang your beautifully pressed trousers on a hanger and allow them to cool down before wearing, storing, or packing for travel. Planning a trip away? See our handy infographic guide to packing a suitcase here.

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