How to iron a shirt

How to iron a shirt video guide from Samuel Windsor

Put your best foot forward in a crisp, ironed shirt
Image source: Weekend shirt from Samuel Windsor

A beautifully ironed formal shirt is essential if you’re wearing a tailored suit. And you should never have to wear a jumper over a weekend shirt to hide the creases. Ironing isn’t your forte? Once you’ve mastered our failsafe routine, you’ll be able to knock out a week’s worth of shirts in less than half an hour.

Check out the short video below for a quick and easy way to iron a shirt…

How to iron a shirt – step-by-step video guide

  1. Start with a clean iron and fill it with water. A medium to high temperature is best for shirts, with lots of steam. Spray your shirt lightly with water if it’s really creased.
  2. Start with the collar. Do the back first, just in case your iron has any grease marks on it. Flip it over and do the front of the collar. Find the fold and press it in, but don’t go quite to the outside edges, especially if you want your collar to ‘roll’ nicely around a tie.
  3. Tackle the “yoke” next.
  4. Now it’s time to move to the first sleeve. Unbutton the cuff and iron both inside and out. Then, find the bottom seam of the sleeve and press it in first – that way you’ll get the arm crease in the right place. Flip it over and press the other side.
  5. Do exactly the same on the other sleeve, starting with the cuff.
  6. Now you’re just left with the body of the shirt. Imagine it as four ‘quarters’ to make it easier.
  7. Arrange the shirt so that one entire half of it is on the board, front facing up. This is the ‘first quarter’. Press it firmly, using steam to work out any creases. Pay special attention to the placket and the area around the collar. Use your other hand to pull the fabric straight as you work.
  8. Now move on to the ‘second quarter’. Simply flip open the front of the shirt to reveal the inside of the back. Iron this second quarter with plenty of steam.
  9. Find the ‘third quarter’ by tugging the shirt across until the other half of the back is on the board. Iron all the way across to the other side, and from the hem all the way up to the yoke.
  10. There’s just one final ‘quarter’ left – the other front panel. Flip it over and arrange it so that the entire area fits on the board. Press the final front section of the shirt using plenty of steam, taking extra care to work the iron between the buttons and neatly around the collar.

And that’s it – you’re done. Hang your beautifully ironed shirt on a hanger and allow it to cool down before wearing it, putting it away or folding it for travel. Planning a work trip or holiday? Check out our infographic guide to packing a suitcase here.

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