How to fold a smart shirt

How to fold a smart shirt

If you’re about to head off somewhere and want to pack like a professional, we’ve got you covered. Short of hiring your own butler, our step-by-step infographic is the best way to help you fold smart shirts for crease-free travel.

And travelling light doesn’t mean you’ll need to leave your smart shirts at home. We’ve tried and tested different techniques and we’re confident that folding shirts gives the best results – in terms of saving space and keeping your clothes as crease-free as possible.

Why should you fold your shirts?

Rolling your clothes might be the best way to save space, but for smart shirts we reckon that professional folding gives you a much neater result and is worth the trade-off.

Top tip: The key to pristine shirts? Don’t fold them straight after ironing. Let them cool on a hanger overnight first.

How to fold a smart shirt – step by step slideshow

And if you want to embed, share or just see everything in one go here’s a handy infographic…

How to fold a smart shirt infographic

how to fold a smart shirt infographic

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