How to embrace baldness

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Be happy with your baldness!

Most men experience some hair loss by the age of thirty, but it still comes as a shock to realise you’re losing your locks.

Rather than fight the inevitable, our advice is to embrace your shiny dome!  Read on to discover why bald can be best!

Don’t fight your follicles

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It’s all down to your genes
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As men age, testosterone turns into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which attacks hair follicles, killing the roots. Hair loss is also in the genes, so if your father or grandfather is bald, you might well be too.

There are treatments that claim some success at regrowth but they have side effects that may make you think twice! These include temporary impotence, reduced sex drive and hair growth on other parts of your body!

Are transplants any better? Well, Wayne Rooney’s transplant might have looked impressive to begin with but within a few years, he had a second hair replacement to cover new bald patches. Luckily, he happened to have a spare £30,000 to pay for it!

Ape to Gentleman blogger Spencer Stevenson says hair transplants are a long term commitment:

‘Several surgeries might be needed to achieve the result you are looking for. You need to ensure that the funds are available for the whole programme, because it is just isn’t something you can pull out of once started.’

Banish bad hair days

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Don’t cover up and hide!

Now for the good news. There are plenty of pros to accepting your thinning locks. You’ll never have a bad hair day, you’ll keep cool in summer and your morning routine will be simple. Just wash and go!  Grey Fox  blogger David Evans agrees:

‘Work with it, not against it. Keep it short, don’t try to hide anything (covering up anything only draws attention to what you’re trying to hide).’

But still some men find it tough to make the transition from bouffant to buzz cut. When Craig Blackburn’s wife reassured him that he’d done well to reach forty before starting to lose his hair, her words were of little comfort.

It was Craig’s love of headgear that finally enabled him to feel proud of his pate. He’d always loved hats and his thinning locks gave him the perfect excuse to indulge his passion.

Thirty year old blogger Tom, tells a different story. He’s terrified of revealing his pate to his pals.

‘It’s more the transition and the shock etched on my friends’ faces (repeated every time I see someone I haven’t met for a while) that I imagine I’ll see when I first turn up with a shaved head that scares me.’

If, like Tom, you’re afraid of the big reveal, don’t worry most people will barely notice the change. As blogger Nathaniel writes:

‘It’s kind of reassuring that sometimes I can be speaking to someone for minutes before I even realise that they’re bald. It goes to show that even guys that are kind of obsessed with it don’t focus on it.’

Buzz cut or bald?

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Bald can be beautiful!
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So you’ve decided it’s time say farewell to the last of your locks. If shaving your head seems a bit radical, why not start with a buzz cut?

Keeping your hair cropped close to the scalp particularly suits men with square or angular faces and looks great if, like actor Jason Statham, you have dark hair.

The guys at Balding is (sometimes) Beautiful admire the actor’s relaxed attitude towards his lack of hair.

‘Statham seems to keep his hair in a nice, tight buzz. He is obviously balding, but has the two characteristics – darkness and a thin face – that work well for bald men.’

But beware the buzz cut if you have a round face, and as Esquire’s Sam Parker also adds:

‘If you have a widow’s peak or a strong hairline, you should avoid a buzz cut as it will draw attention to the hairline. If your hair is thinning at the crown, you should shave the whole head really short, or you will draw attention to the bald patch.’

If you’re feeling brave enough to go completely bald, begin by reducing the length of your hair with clippers. When you’re ready to start shaving, the experts at Cornerstone recommend being generous with your shaving gel:

‘To begin, pull your skin tight with one hand, and with the other shave very slowly and gently in the direction of the hair growth – being careful not to apply too much pressure with the blade.’

Pat your head dry, and moisturise before heading to the mirror to admire your sparkling dome!

Protect your pate

pate protecting products

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Replace styling products with sunscreen!

You won’t need styling products for your new look, but your head still needs caring for.  Fashion Beans writer Lee Kynaston recommends a simple moisturiser:

‘In the same way the skin on your face needs moisturising to keep it in prime condition, the stuff on your head benefits from a little topical hydration, too.’

Your newly revealed noggin is especially vulnerable to the sun, so invest in a high factor cream to keep it safe. A hat is also essential. If you’re not used to wearing one, Sartoria Lab’s Sarah has some great tips for choosing a style which suits your face shape and colouring:

‘If you have warm tones in your skin and hair look for sandy colours, browns and khakis. If your skin is more pinky or blue toned then look for stone, navy and pale blues.‘

Bald and bearded

beard for balance

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Add balance with a beard

How about creating a little contrast to enhance your ‘bald’ new look? Balding Beards blogger Domen reckons now is the perfect time to grow your facial hair:

‘Grow some form of a beard. Any kind – from a mustache – to full on burly grizzly beard. There is a good reason for it too: Doing so will balance your face, by drawing away the attention from your bald head, and giving you more personality.’

The guys at Style Blog UK point out that shaven Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart often sports a beard and moustache:

‘He’s been bald for years so it’s almost impossible to tell how old he is, but we won’t complain either way. He’s a dapper lad!’

Every buzzcut tells a story and we’d love to know yours! Are you blissfully unbothered by your thinning hair or are you tackling the problem head on? Share your experiences on our Facebook page.

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