How to dress for a BBQ

ausages and skewers on the grill

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Meat and veg – serious cross contamination

Call us ambitious, but we think it’s time to start talking BBQ fashion.

And this year, lets do our best to avoid flip flops, smoky clothes and ketchup stained shirts!

So if you want to look suave this BBQ season, pay attention…



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A cautionary tale?

Whilst sandals and flip flops might seem the obvious choices for BBQ footwear, they aren’t always your best bet. Especially if you have the great honour of being head chef!

Hot BBQ + open toe footwear = accident waiting to happen. We’re not saying crack out your finest Italian shoes, but go for something with protection. Deck shoes and loafers both have a summery vibe with a greater level of protection than sandals. Plus, they go perfectly with most summer outfits.

If you are aren’t going near the coals or grill, then sandals are fine. But step carefully when the chef asks for a beverage!

Trousers or shorts

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Note the jeans and apron!

Again, this largely depends on if you are the chef.

If you’re not flipping the burgers, lightweight linen trousers, or summer weight chinos are the best two options for covering your knees. But if it’s a real scorcher, dare to bare in a pair of chino shorts.

For those with the chef hat on, the above may prove troublesome. Greasy hands and mucky charcoal can play havoc with lighter fabrics. So if you are the chef, you may have to crank up the heat and wear jeans, as they can double up as a napkin.

Or if that’s too much to bear, put away the mens trousers, stick with stylish shorts and stick an apron on top. We’ll forgive you.



Maybe too stylish?

When the sun comes out, accessorise with a hat. We suggest a panama hat, the epitome of British summer style. Not only will you look stylish, but you’ll keep your eyes free of the sun. Plonk on a pair of stylish shades and they will help to keep the smoke out of your eyes. And just like a hat, they will protect your eyes against the glare of the sun that has hopefully come out.

But as we know too well, that “hopefully” happens too infrequently. So make sure you have an umbrella to hand too! Protect the valiant soldier who is braving the rain to cook your dinner.

Final word and golden rules

So if you have decided the weather is adequate enough to have a BBQ, just remember these 4 rules.

  • If you are cooking, cover your feet
  • If you are cooking, have a napkin to hand or some sturdy trousers
  • An apron is acceptable
  • An umbrella is as important as the charcoal
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