How to be the best father of the bride

father walking daughter down aisle

It is customary for the father of the bride to walk his daughter down the aisle
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If you’re about to walk your beloved daughter down the aisle, you’ll want to make sure you dress appropriately and carry out your responsibilities with dignity and flare. Here’s your handy guide to making a marvellous father of the bride – doing what’s expected of you, while of course, being the best-dressed man at the wedding. 

The job: Empty your pockets

family toast

Couples often save for their own wedding with help from both sets of parents
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It’s time to raid the piggy bank because it’s traditional for the father of the bride to foot the bill for the wedding. That’s no picnic, because research reported by This is Money shows the average cost of wedding in the UK now tops a whopping £27,000.

Thankfully, the days of daddy paying for everything are on the wane, with the happy couple, plus the groom’s parents also commonly making a contribution. Having said that, it’s probably best not to plan any other major expenditure if you know your daughter’s soon to be married.

The job: Get your girl to the church

father of bride with daughter

Fathers help to keep everything running to time
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As the father of the bride, now’s your last chance to be the boss. It’s your job to get your daughter to the church on time, or at least only fashionably late. This is a task that calls for tact and diplomacy, and, of course, the use of your arm, because it’s you who’ll be walking your daughter down the aisle. Whether you’re suited and booted in a morning suit, black tie, sharp three-piece suit or tweed, stand tall and escort your girl with style and confidence.

The job: Meet and greet

meeting and greeting guests

Greeting guests and helping with introductions is one of your tasks
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You will be first to greet your guests as they enter the venue for the wedding breakfast. And once everyone’s arrived, you’ll move on to the role of host extraordinaire, mingling, introducing and keeping those glasses topped up.

The job: Your speech

father of the bride speech

Love or hate public speaking – toasting the happy couple falls to you
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What may seem the most onerous of your wedding responsibilities, the speech, really needn’t be. The father of the bride’s speech consists of four sections:

  1. Welcome the guests to the wedding
  2. Share a few anecdotes that give a flavour of your daughter’s lovely character
  3. Welcome the groom to your family
  4. Toast the bride and groom, and sit down

If you’re stumped for what to say, the guys over at Hitched will help. They’ve published plenty of example father-of-the-bride speeches to help spark ideas and make sure you say the right things.

The job: Make sure they’ve all gone home

father of the bride with drink

You can put your feet up once the guests have departed
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At the end of the reception, you’re the nightwatchman. Make sure all who need taxis have them, that anyone who’s incapacitated is taken care of, and that nobody has left anything of value behind. That’s it, job done. Now all you need do is pour yourself a stiff one and take the weight off your aching feet.

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